How to choose seedlings on the Internet?

Gardening is an interesting hobby, which also allows you to cut costs by growing fruit crops. But where to find unusual plants, if the surrounding markets and garden associations can offer nothing new? You can order seedlings on the Internet. An extensive catalog of seedlings, such as http://knip.kiev.ua/sajentsy/sajentsy-plodovyh-derevev/grushi - this is what every gardener needs.

Growing apricots in the suburbs

Apricot in the Moscow regionMany know that apricot is referred to southern cultures, it is in these latitudes that this plant yields abundant harvests, and the climate allows not to be afraid that the plant will freeze or slow down its development. Tasty and useful fruits of apricot forced scientists-breeders to go on a search for new varieties that can tolerate the weather conditions of the Moscow region.

Inoculation of apricot

Inoculation of apricotApricot comes from southern regions, but many gardeners do not trust the varieties grown in the nursery, but try to get a tree with the necessary quality of the fruit. The solution in this issue is the inoculation of the desired apricot varieties on the local wild game, which will increase the frost resistance of the tree.

Trimming of apricot

Trimming of apricotThe apricot tree loves sunlight, but thanks to the rapid growth of the branches, the tree crown thickens heavily, which ultimately affects the amount of harvest and the stability of the tree to the load from the severity of the fruit. Pruning of apricot is made by few gardeners, but numerous studies have shown that this is really an important operation, responsible for the development of the tree and the increase in the yield of apricot.

Planting of apricot

Planting of apricotРодиной абрикоса считается Азия, и хотя это дерево не подвергается воздействию засухи, но хорошую морозостойкость имеют не все сорта, поэтому к вопросу посадки растения следует подойти ответственно. Все садоводы знают, что место посадки любого дерева играет важнейшую роль в его дальнейшем развитии. Так для посадки абрикоса следует выбрать солнечное место, защищённое от влияния северных ветров, можно защитить дерево живой изгородью, забором или стеной любой постройки.

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