How to choose seedlings on the Internet?

Gardening is an interesting hobby, which also allows you to cut costs by growing fruit crops. But where to find unusual plants, if the surrounding markets and garden associations can offer nothing new? You can order seedlings on the Internet. An extensive catalog of seedlings, such as - this is what every gardener needs.

What to look for when choosing?

Choose seedlings on the Internet should be very carefully. If you are interested in the catalog of seedlings on the site, do not rush to make an order, until all the nuances become clear.

• View a photo of the plant you like. Good sellers usually take a few shots, which show the buyer that the plant is in order.

• Saplings should have descriptions with detailed information. Nothing is written? So, this is an excuse to consider whether it is worth making a purchase in such a store.

• The seedlings must not be older than three years of age. The plant should have several shoots formed.

• Do not hesitate to write to the seller in case of questions about plants. If there are no contacts on the site or the seller does not answer, then maybe the goods there are not the best.

Planting of seedlings

After you purchased seedlings on the Internet, and then received your order, you need to prepare the plants for planting.

• Usually, the seedlings are placed in special containers, so that the plant is not damaged during transportation, so first you need to empty the seedling from the packaging and remove excess soil.

• Sometimes the cuttings on the obtained seedlings can be sealed with wax - it must be removed with a soft brush.

• Dried dead necks should be removed and new cuts made.

• Саженцы нужно оставить на несколько часов в чистой воде, прежде чем приступать к посадке. Если в пути растение сильно подсохло, то следует дать ему постоять в воде сутки.

• For pre-landing, you must first choose a place protected from wind. The soil should not be marshy. Dig out a small hole and plant the plant, the ground will need to be slightly tamped, and after - water the seedling.

Ordering plants on the Internet will save considerable time, because the catalog of seedlings is much larger and more diverse assortment in stores, and you can simply leaf through the pages without spending hours traveling around the city. With proper care, the plant bought on the Internet will please your look and replenish your garden collection.

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