Caloric content of apricot

Caloric content of apricotCultivation of apricot totals about 6000 years. The motherland of this unique, extremely useful fruit is China, it is from this country that it began its long-term migration around the globe.

In fresh apricot, vitamins A, C, H, E, PP, all vitamins of group B and beta carotene are in considerable quantities. Dried fruits (dried apricots), rich in natural sugars, so the use of this fruit should be limited to people who suffer from such a disease as diabetes.

In addition to vitamins and sugars, the fruit contains a lot of micro- and macro elements - potassium, phosphorus, boron, calcium, magnesium and iron, and in some grades the presence of iodine is noticed.

The calorie content of the apricot depends on the variety from 40 to 50 kilocalories for every 100 grams of product, although this figure in dried fruits sharply increases and reaches 250 kilocalories. The small caloric content of fresh apricots, despite the high percentage of sugar, allows it to be actively used in various diets, which include these fruits. So a pure apricot diet with a daily intake of 2 kilograms of fruit allows you to lose one kilogram of fat mass per day. However, such a diet should not be abused, its duration should not exceed 5 days.

Полезные свойства абрикоса известны давно, доказательства этого можно найти в трактатах китайских монахов. Они использовали все компоненты дерева от мякоти плодов и до древесной коры для лечения самых различных заболеваний. Например, при помощи плодов абрикоса можно лечить запор благодаря высокому содержанию пектинов и клетчатки. Для лечения этого заболевания достаточно употреблять 8-10 абрикосов в течение суток. Кроме этого употребление плодов перед приёмом пищи помогает процессам пищеварения, поэтому может применяться при несварении желудка. А ещё сок плодов и листья дерева можно использовать при таких заболеваниях кожного покрова как экзема, чесотка и солнечные ожоги.

In addition to medicine, fruits and other components of apricot are used in cosmetology for the preparation of various creams, lotions, and milk. Apricot kernels have an excellent aroma, therefore they are used in perfumery, as well as for the preparation of various alcoholic beverages.

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