Trimming of apricot

Trimming of apricotThe apricot tree loves sunlight, but thanks to the rapid growth of the branches, the tree crown thickens heavily, which ultimately affects the amount of harvest and the stability of the tree to the load from the severity of the fruit. Pruning of apricot is made by few gardeners, but numerous studies have shown that this is really an important operation, responsible for the development of the tree and the increase in the yield of apricot.

Нормальной кроной дерева считается пирамидальная, но если обрезка не проводилась, то она становится широкопирамидальной, ветви отвисают, а обильные урожаи в раннем возрасте приводят к усыханию ветвей и снижению защиты дерева относительно основных заболеваний. Проводится обрезка абрикоса весной и осенью.

The formation of apricot fruits usually occurs on shpors, annual branches. Short twigs on most varieties usually dry out after a few seasons of fruiting, so the main task of pruning this tree is to create new shoots.

Many gardeners, by pruning apricots, form the crown of a rarefied tiered type. In this case, to increase the strength of the tree form three four single skeletal branches, located at an interval of 30 centimeters. In this type of crown, the rapprochement of only two, at most, of the three main branches is allowed.

Branches of the first order should be at an angle of 40-50 degrees relative to the skeleton branch, they must be at least 6 pieces. In the first year after planting, it is necessary to cut the lateral branches half their length, the central conductor is cut to 70 centimeters from the last branch. Between the tips of the side branches and the tip of the branch of the leader (or conductor), the altitude should be maintained at 20-30 centimeters.

Competitive branches having an acute angle should be cut out completely, since under the main branches they are unsuitable. Skeletal branches should retreat at a minimum angle of 45 degrees, and at the top of the stump, the angle of divergence of branches increases to 60 degrees.

In the next two years, vegetation shortens the branches according to the method considered above, observing the rules for trimming the conductor and the main branches of the crown. With the beginning of the fruiting of the tree, the shortening of the branches should be slightly weakened, and in the case of rapid development of the lateral branches stop altogether. Thinning of the crown is mainly due to the removal, sick, weak and dry branches, and also through the removal of the branches of competitors. Correct and timely pruning of apricot in spring or autumn increases the overall frost resistance of the whole tree.

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