Planting of apricot

Planting of apricotThe native land of the apricot is Asia, and although this tree is not exposed to drought, but not all varieties have good frost resistance, therefore, the issue of planting should be approached responsibly. All gardeners know that the site of planting any tree plays a crucial role in its further development. So for planting apricot should choose a sunny place, protected from the influence of northern winds, you can protect the tree with a hedge, fence or wall of any structure.

Given that the frost resistance of the apricot is small, many gardeners to protect the plants resort to the following method - cover the roots with a layer of earth, and in the snowy winter a layer of snow is added. Kronu, in the first years of development for the winter wrapped in polyethylene film. And now let's deal with the planting of apricots at different times of the year.

Planting of apricot in spring

When planting the apricot garden should adhere to the distance in 5 m between rows and 3 m between plants in the row, the planting is conducted in staggered order. The spring planting of the apricot begins before the tree awakens, that is, before the movement of nutrients under the bark; if the buds are dissolved, the transplantation of the plant can have a bad effect on its further development.

The best way to plant an apricot in spring is to prepare a landing pit back in the autumn. The pit is dug in the form of a cube with the size of each side of 70 centimeters. At the bottom of the pit lay drainage to drain excess moisture. Practice has shown that excess moisture, in some cases, can lead to the death of the plant. Usually, for drainage use rubble, gravel or brick - the thickness of this layer is 20 centimeters. Next, we need to prepare nutrient soil from the upper fertile soil layer mixed with humus and fertilizers. Use superphosphate - 0,5 kg., Ash - 2 kg., 1kg lime and ammonium nitrate - 0,2kg. To prevent damage to the root system, fertilizers mix them thoroughly with the ground. Roots are buried in the ground and tied to the peg to fix it in an upright position. The plant is extremely necessary moisture, so planting apricot, pour 2 buckets of water.

Planting of apricot in autumn

In southern regions of Russia and Ukraine, with warm autumn and short arid spring, it is better to plant apricot in autumn from mid-October to the second decade of November. During this period, air temperature and humidity contribute to good rooting of trees.

Before the tree itself is planted in the ground, it is necessary to cut the tips of the roots, remove the diseased and damaged roots and dab them in a chatterbox from water and clay with the addition of fresh mullein. The chatter must have a consistency such that when the roots are dipped, an 3 millimeter layer of this mixture remains on them. The mixture is needed for good soil adhesion to the roots, as well as for protection against high temperatures. Thus, an optimal microclimate is created for the good growth of the tree at the initial stage of development.

Planting of apricot in autumn is carried out in the same sequence as in spring. Just dig a hole and mix the fertile soil with fertilizers. The root neck of the tree should rise to 2-3 centimeter above the ground. In autumn it is important to form the root system of the tree, therefore it is necessary to make regular watering, which is tied to specific weather conditions.

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