Inoculation of apricot

Inoculation of apricotApricot comes from southern regions, but many gardeners do not trust the varieties grown in the nursery, but try to get a tree with the necessary quality of the fruit. The solution in this issue is the inoculation of the desired apricot varieties on the local wild game, which will increase the frost resistance of the tree.

To graft an apricot, you need a graft and, of course, a stock. Privovo or stalk is a small piece (7-10 cm.) Of an annual shoot that has from 5 to 12 well developed buds. Cuttings are usually cut in the last month of autumn from the most developed annual branches of the desired variety. Keep cuttings in moist matter in a cool place with temperature conditions of 0 ... + 2 degree. Cuttings can be put in the winter for the basement or left in the refrigerator.

The stock is called the young tree, on which the cuttings are fastened for further joint development with obtaining the qualities of the cuttings. At the time of inoculation, the rootstock should reach a diameter of 1 centimeter, usually one or two-year-old seedlings of this diameter. The sapling is called the grafted tree.

Vaccination of apricot in spring is made during the movement of juices under the bark of trees. Usually this period lasts from 14 April to mid-May. For grafting you need a sharp garden knife, garden var and ribbons from a wrapping polyethylene or a plastic bag, their thickness should be within 3 centimeters. If several varieties of apricot are planted, it is advisable to use labels with inscriptions of vaccinated varieties.

Самый простой способ прививки абрикоса и других садовых культур - копулировка. Этот метод используется при фактическом совпадении толщины привоя и растения, на котором он будет крепиться (подвоя). Сначала нужно сделать горизонтальный срез подвоя на высоте до 10 сантиметров от поверхности земли. Потом садовым ножом на привое, а также подвое делают косые срезы одинаковой величины, их совмещают и туго обматывают заготовленной полиэтиленовой лентой. Садовый вар используют для защиты верхнего среза привоя. Такую простую прививку также проводят при неполном совпадении диаметров привоя и подвоя, в таком случае части растения совмещают с одной из сторон подвоя.

The next option for grafting the apricot is grafting the cuttings behind the root of the rootstock. This method is used when the root is much older than the scion. The lateral branch is sawn off at a distance of 20 centimeters from the trunk. In the remaining part of the tree, the bark is cut through an acute knife, and the prey is prepared as in the first case. Then the pryvoi is inserted under the bark and tightly tied with a polyethylene tape, the places of the slices are covered with garden varnish.

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