Growing zucchini

The most valuable vegetable culture with a rich chemical composition is zucchini. In recent years, he fully settled in homesteads and suburban areas. This light-loving plant of a short day, it is depressed even by a slight shading, and hygrophilous.

Planting watermelons under the film

Cultivation of watermelons under the film makes it possible to obtain a crop of these melons much earlier than with the standard method. Under the film shelter is always high humidity, so the plants do not wither, but intensively develop. The presence of the film creates a greenhouse effect on the surface of the soil, which contributes to the rapid germination of seeds.

The scheme for planting watermelon

The scheme for planting watermelonWe are used to the fact that watermelons are grown in the south of our country, but now this berries can be obtained and in the middle band, although this will have to work hard. Seeds of the culture in question form sprouts with an increase in temperature up to 12 degrees, but in most regions of our country summer is short, so truck farmers first grow seedlings, and then place young plants in unprotected ground or greenhouse premises.

Planting watermelons in the suburbs

Planting watermelons in the suburbsEveryone knows that watermelons grow better in southern latitudes, but now this berry can be found on the sites of summer residents in the Moscow region and even in the northern regions of our country. Global warming made itself felt, but in the climatic conditions of the central Russian belt, it is better to cultivate the crop in film greenhouses from seedlings or seeds, if the ground is warmed up sufficiently - this depends on the choice of each.

Seedlings of watermelon stretched, what to do

Watermelon seedlings stretched outIn most regions of our country, watermelons are grown through seedlings, which allows a few to reduce the vegetative period of the plant in the open ground or greenhouse. The very process of obtaining seedling material is quite laborious, because young plants need proper care, otherwise small watermelons will start to grow up incorrectly, stretch out or fall under the influence of diseases.

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