Diseases of courgettes

Diseases of courgettesZucchini during the growing season can be exposed to a variety of diseases that can inhibit the growth of the plant or lead to a deterioration in the quality of the fruit. The main causes of diseases of any culture is ignorance of several simple rules that will help get rid of the pathogen even before planting.

The main rule is to conduct crop rotation taking into account previous crops, since related crops, such as potatoes and tomatoes, can be infected with one disease. In addition, it is necessary to completely destroy the infected plant remains and carry out preventive measures to prevent the development of diseases. The main diseases of courgettes and consider below.

Anthracnose zucchini

This fungal infectious zucchini disease manifests itself on the leaf in the form of light-brown round spots; On the petioles of the plant these spots are elongated. On the fruits in the affected areas, ulcers filled with mucus of pink color develop, after a while they frown and rot.

Good conditions for the development of the disease creates a high humidity at an air temperature of + 20-25 degrees, so most anthracnose can be observed in greenhouse premises. The causative agent of this disease of zucchini can remain not only in the plant remains, but also on the film and frame of the greenhouse.

The main measures of struggle are the rotation, the disinfection of greenhouse premises with bleach (in a bucket of water 200 grams of lime is dissolved), as well as spraying plants with a Bordeaux mixture. Spraying should be performed when the first symptoms of the disease are detected.

White rotten zucchini

This disease can be seen on a dense white coating on fruits, stems or petioles of leaves, then the fetal tissue softens and rot. The disease is most often found when growing zucchini in greenhouses or in the open ground in damp, wet weather. The last phase of the development of the disease is black spots of small size (sclerotia), which can hibernate in the remains of the plant.

In order to prevent the development of the disease in the greenhouses, the optimum moisture regime should be maintained, if necessary, the ventilation of the greenhouse should be carried out. The affected tissues are sprinkled with ground chalk or charcoal, watering is carried out only with warm water.

Powdery mildew on zucchini

Powdery mildew appears on white marrows in the form of a white coating. At first, these are small spots that after a while can cover the entire surface of the sheet. The affected leaves turn yellow and dry up, with considerable damage, entire whips may wither. This disease of zucchini causes the mealy fungus, which gradually grows into the mycelium, sporrows and forms dark fruit bodies. The main source of infection of plants can be considered the remains of diseased plants.

The main measures to combat this disease is the destruction of damaged plants, soil digging, observance of crop rotation.

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