Melon Collective Farm Girl

Grade of melonMelon The collective farmer is one of the mid-ripening varieties. From the appearance of the first shoots on the site and until the fruit ripens, 77-95 days pass. The fruit is globular in shape, yellow-orange in color, the peel is covered with a mesh. Usually the weight of the fruit is up to 1,5 kg. The fruits of this variety have a dense, crispy flesh, which is very sweet in taste.

Note that the melons of the Kolkhoznitsa variety are not intended for long-term storage.

Excellent taste and transportability is the main value of the fruits of this variety. In addition, it is worth noting its resistance to low temperatures, which is rare for melons.

Выращивание сорта дыни Колхозница

At the end of April, this variety is sown for seedlings. In mid-May (in the middle lane), seedlings can already be safely planted, but only under a film. And in early June, when the threat of frosts is minimal, seedlings aged 30-35 days are planted in open ground. When growing this variety, follow the following planting pattern: 100? 100, see. If a plant is grown under a film, it is better to form them in a single stem. In the process of forming up to a height of 50 cm, all side shoots of the plant should be removed. All the following sprouts pinch over the 1-3 sheet, produce a garter to the trellis. The possibility of growing a crop in a plant is allowed. With this option, a moisture-resistant material is put under the fruit to prevent damage to it.

Like any other variety, Melon Kolkhoznitsa needs regular watering, weeding and feeding with organic and mineral fertilizers. All these activities are a pledge of good flowering, ovary fruit and good fruiting.

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