How to germinate the seeds of watermelon before planting

With the correct preplanting treatment of the seeds of watermelon, it is possible to obtain amicable shoots of the culture in question. It is important to choose the right variety, prepare a well aerated nutritive soil, and buy peat pots from 8 to 10-centimeter in diameter. The germination of seeds of watermelon also matters, because in this case, the emergence time can be accelerated, regardless of how the crop is grown (from seedlings or by seeding in open ground).

In unprotected soil, the seed of this plant can be sown only in the southern part of our country, and in the middle belt, Siberia or the Urals it is necessary to grow seedlings, and after establishing a stable warm weather, watermelons are moved to prepared ridges, under film shelters.

At the first stages, you need to choose a variety that must match the climatic conditions of a particular region. It should be noted that seeds from the southern regions of Russia will not be suitable for cultivation in the middle belt. Experienced melon growers recommend using watermelons with an average or early growing season.

Next, they are determined with the seeding date for the seedlings for the seedlings. Here they are guided by the planting time in the open ground or greenhouse, because the watermelon seedlings are ready for transplantation after 25-30 days after sowing. Now we start to germinate the seeds, for this we go through all the seeds in order to sort the damaged seed material. Ogorodniki note that the protective shell of the watermelon grains is quite hard, so it needs to be softened. To this end, the seeds are placed in a soft cloth and lowered into 50-heated water for 10-15 minutes.

For disinfection, watermelon seeds are placed in a glass jar and poured into them with a solution of potassium permanganate - they should lie there for 15-ти minutes. Then drain the liquid and rinse the seeds with clean water. The germination process itself means keeping the grains in a damp cloth for 3-4 days, until sprouts appear on them. After that, the grains are laid in the refrigerator for 12 hours for hardening.

Well, that's it, the watermelon seeds are ready for planting on seedlings or in open ground. When growing seedlings, seeds are buried in containers with prepared soil for 4 centimeter, and then the pots are covered with a polyethylene film and put in a warm place, waiting for emergence. After germination, the shelter is removed and plants are placed on the solar window sill.

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