Why rot zucchini

Rot on squashA common phenomenon in zucchini is the rotting of the ovaries. The rest will be normal if you cut 3-4 pieces. In this regard, you do not need to get upset, because in this high-yielding crop of ovaries is abundant. Let's see why rot the marrows right on the beds?

If the courgettes are not pleased with the big harvest, then it should be remembered, but not on this place the courgettes grew last year.

To put on the same place zucchini from year to year is undesirable. Unwanted predecessors for zucchini are cucumbers, melons and watermelons. Zucchini are plants that do not have large moods. Their only peculiarity is that they do not tolerate their relatives. Therefore, without fail it is necessary to change the place of planting zucchini. Plant them in their original place only after 4-5 years.


Rot in zucchini can have a different origin. For example, it can appear due to excessively frequent watering. Therefore, they should alternate with dry waterings. It would seem that we are doing everything right, and why the rotten fruits of zucchini are not clear ... It's all about waterlogging.

If there were frequent rains for a year, then there is nothing to be done about it. It remains only one thing - to deal with the removal of rotten ovaries, hoping that the rainy season will soon end. However, there is a remedy that helps cope with this ailment. It is necessary to remove part of the old leaves. This will ensure a better ventilation of the bush. Under the fruit you must put straw or plank.

Look at the zucchini plants. A sign of fungal diseases in zucchini is white plaque and dents on leaves and fruits (white rot, powdery mildew). Even if the plant was planted according to all the rules, even in this case it is necessary to carry out spraying with such drugs as Topaz and Ridomil. Treatment with Tovit and colloidal sulfur is carried out when 20-30 days remain before harvesting.

If you properly water zucchini, then you can get rid of the apical rot of the fruit. When watering zucchini, water should fall to the ground. Spraying fruit and leaves is not necessary. If the bush has grown too large, then to better penetrate the sun's rays to the ovary, you need to trim the 1-2 leaflet. Rotting zucchini can and from the ground. If the ground is damp under the zucchini, then in this case you can put plywood under the fruit. Glass can be used if there is no plywood nearby.

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