Planting watermelons

Planting watermelonFrom the planting of watermelons to maturation is usually from 70 to 125 days. It all depends on the cultivated variety, as well as the conditions of farming. Of great importance are weather conditions.

Sites that previously grew perennial herbs or potatoes, legumes are the best place for growing watermelons. The soil on which watermelons are to be grown should be well-processed. The yield of watermelons and melons increases if manure and mineral fertilizers are introduced into the soil. 4 kg per 1 m2 Bring in manure.

Уже при температуре 13 градусов семена арбузов и дынь начинают прорастать. В конце апреля - первых числах мая посев арбуза проводят на юго-востоке. На ровной поверхности, рядами выращивают семена: между рядами расстояние для арбузов должно составлять 2,5 м, а в рядах - 1-1,5 м.

Soil loosening and the destruction of weeds are the main activities that must be performed after planting watermelons. Two or three loosening should be carried out during the summer. In addition, loosen the soil after each irrigation.

If you want to not only correctly plant a watermelon, but also to get a quality product in autumn, then you can not do without feeding. The crop at their introduction appreciably raises. Use as a feed is best chicken manure, slurry, etc. After the appearance of 3-4 leaves, the first top dressing is performed. To make top dressing, choose the time after the rain or after watering.

Growing seedlings of watermelons

Growing seedlings in pots are practiced in the central regions. This allows you to count on the harvest. Use for seeding seedlings is best peat-earth pots, as well as in derninka. Before sowing the seedlings, the seeds are sprouted for a while in the sawdust. Only after that they are planted in pots.

About a month after sowing, when 4-5 leaves were formed on the seedlings, it is planted in the soil. The landing is made after the frost period has passed.

But there is not always time to grow seedlings. In this case, you can immediately sow the seeds of watermelons in the soil. But we must remember that the plants do not tolerate frost. In late April, you can plant watermelons in the ground only in the south. In the middle belt, sowing at such times leads to the freezing of crops. Therefore, to preserve sprouts, they should be sheltered until the onset of stable weather. At a depth of 4-6 cm, seed is sown. Planting of seeds is carried out at the same distance as seedlings.

Защита посадок арбузов от заморозков

The following methods are used to protect against frost in spring:

The wells are made deeper, they are packed with the manure that has been dumped, there they pour a layer of 20 cm (sod into the mixture with humus). Small hills of the earth must be poured around the hole. To protect plants on them, you need to lay a piece of glass. In the place of the holes, boxes are installed without a bottom, and glass is placed upstairs. The wells are stuffed with decayed manure.

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