Planting watermelons on seedlings

Planting watermelons on seedlingsIn the middle zone of Russia and other regions, watermelons are grown from seedlings. Melon growers consider that the best age of seedling material is three weeks (when planting on a permanent place in this period, cultures get better). Young plants are recommended to plant in separate containers, since transplanting into the open ground from a common container, pumpkin cultures for a long time get sick and do not take root well. Just to plant a watermelon you can buy seeds in banks.

If planting is planned for a permanent place at 20 daily age, then special peat pots with overall dimensions of 8? 8? 8 centimeters should be purchased for watermelons, and monthly seedlings should be in containers 10 * 10 * 10 centimeters.

When planting watermelons on seedlings, the soil should consist of two parts of humus and turf ground with peat - one part. To enrich the nutrient mixture with useful substances and microelements, 1% wood ashes and superphosphate (300 grams of said fertilizer per 10 kilogram of soil) are introduced into its composition. About three days from the expected seeding time, seeds are irrigated to the ground.

The planting season for watermelon seeds for seedlings depends on the period of sowing of young plants in unprotected soil. Watermelon grows well in stable warm weather, so when transplanting these crops should be guided by long-term prognosis. At the time of plant transplantation, at least 5 of these leaves should form on them.

Seeds are sown one by one for each pot. At first it is important to sustain a favorable temperature for the development of plants within 22-25 degrees. To accelerate the emergence of seedlings, each of the containers is covered with a transparent polyethylene film. After the appearance of sprouts, the pots are moved to a cool room with a temperature regime of 14-18 degrees. Watermelons need a long daylight, so if necessary, use the backlight. Additional lighting should be organized in such a way that plants receive 15-16 hours of lighting throughout the day.

After planting, the watermelon seedlings are watered periodically during the growing season, using warm water. Excessive moistening of the soil is not recommended, because in case of overabundance of watermelon can fall ill with a black leg. Ogorodniki pay attention to the fact that for normal development seedlings of watermelon you need a certain amount of nutrients. If the soil is not prepared correctly, then the appearance of the first real leaf of the plant is fed with a solution of chicken litter in the ratio of 1 to 12 with water.

To saturate the liquid with mineral fertilizers, superphosphate is added to its composition, from the calculation of 2 gram of this substance per liter. A few days from the expected planting period of plants in the open ground re-saturate the soil with useful substances. For the second feeding a mixture of mineral fertilizers is used. In a liter of warm water, superphosphate is dissolved - 2 grams, potassium sulfate - 1,5 grams, ammonium nitrate - 1 grams.

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