Planting watermelons under the film

Cultivation of watermelons under the film makes it possible to obtain a crop of these melons much earlier than with the standard method. Under the film shelter is always high humidity, so the plants do not wither, but intensively develop. The presence of the film creates a greenhouse effect on the surface of the soil, which contributes to the rapid germination of seeds.

The site for watermelons should be selected in advance. In the fall period, humus and a small amount of mineral fertilizers are introduced into the soil. The best predecessors for watermelon are grains and legumes, as well as perennial grasses.

In spring, in the fertilized area, the ridges are cut at a distance of 70 centimeters from each other. Rows of cultures are placed every three crests, breaking holes in a staggered order, through each meter of distance. Next, each cavity should be shed with warm water and sow one or two seeds. Usually the width of a roll of film is enough to cover one section, but in some cases layers of the cover overlap.

After sowing the seeds, it is necessary to lay the film in such a way that it does not fly off from a strong wind, so shelter should be sprinkled with earth on the edges. About a week later, in warm weather or in 12-14 days, with cloudy shoots of watermelons begin to rest on the shelter layer. At this point, culture should be freed and allowed to develop further. To do this, in a film with a hook made of wire make small holes, up to 7-centimeter.

After about a week of being in the open ground, the shoots of watermelons are hardened and strengthened. Now we need to prevent the appearance of weeds through the holes. To this end, the film around the culture is gently pruned, the germ itself should be on the outside. Now, a glass jar with a capacity of one liter is put on the watermelon and sprinkled the earth onto it. Then, the can is removed and the soil is rammed with feet, which will prevent the appearance of weed plants. Further, our cultures can grow on their own.

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