Planting watermelons in the suburbs

Planting watermelons in the suburbsEveryone knows that watermelons grow better in southern latitudes, but now this berry can be found on the sites of summer residents in the Moscow region and even in the northern regions of our country. Global warming made itself felt, but in the climatic conditions of the central Russian belt, it is better to cultivate the crop in film greenhouses from seedlings or seeds, if the ground is warmed up sufficiently - this depends on the choice of each.

Scourge watermelon is small, if compared with the bushes of cucumbers, so caring for these crops is not so complicated. Plant young plants in two rows with a row spacing of 50 centimeters, and the distance between neighboring plants should correspond to 30-centimeters.

To plant watermelons in the suburbs, you should not choose crops with large fruits, it is better to get small fruits of a variety with a small period of vegetation, but know that they will be ripe. Seed material should be soaked in warm water or sprouted in moist cloth until small sprouts appear. This procedure allows you to get accelerated crops.

Soil for watermelons should have a neutral acid reaction, contain a sufficient amount of nutrients and it is good to pass moisture, because these cultures do not like its overabundance. In the case of planting on the lowlands truck farmers arrange high beds. Before sowing seeds, the ground is loosened and kept to warm up well. Melon growers recommend fertilizing the soil with organic (humus or compost). Make fresh manure is not desirable. After carrying out all these operations with the help of a chopper, small depressions are made and they are poured by warmed-up water.

The best period for planting watermelons in the suburbs in the open ground is the last decade of April or the first of May, seedlings are planted a little earlier in the greenhouses. After graining the grains in the soil, its surface is covered with transparent plastic cups or slices of polyethylene bottles. When the first shoots appear, the hoods are removed, and the site is covered with agrofiber or other non-woven material. Such a shelter not only accelerates the development of plants, but also prevents the drying of the soil. It should be understood that at the first stages of watermelon development it is necessary to water regularly with the use of warm water, but the liquid must be poured under the root of the plant, so that it does not fall on the root collar.

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