Planting melons

Planting melonsMelon has an underdeveloped root system. If we compare this culture with other melons, then it should be noted that the melon is very demanding to the soil. At the same time, in most regions of the country it can be grown on its own plots.

If you decide to plant a melon, then start with the seed. You can buy the desired variety in the store or ask the familiar gardeners to share planting material. Collecting seeds, you need to follow the main rule: the seed preparation must be carried out from melons of large size, sweet.

Another important point: only in the second or third year after harvesting, you can use them as a planting material. Planting melon seeds in the south can be done directly in the open ground. Growing seedlings with its subsequent planting in the ground are practiced in the northern latitudes and in the middle belt. Each of the options for planting melons, we will consider further in more detail:

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Earlier we already said that the melon is demanding for the composition of the soil. Soils with good aeration fit it perfectly. These include sandy loams and loamy soils. Suitable for it and chernozems and gray forest. The land before melon planting should be processed - dug up and loosened up. This is necessary because the roots of it are located close to the surface. Along with this, before planting a melon, organic fertilizers must be introduced into the soil: humus and manure. You can add an inorganic.

Cereals, fodder herbs, cabbage, cucumbers and onions are the best precursors of this crop. We should note that it is impossible to cultivate melons on the same place for many years. Otherwise, from year to year, the harvest will decline.

Planting melon seeds in the open ground

It is known that the melon is a heat-loving plant, so it is planted in the ground only in the southern regions. The optimal time for landing in the ground is the end of April and the beginning of May. Planting should be done after warming up to the temperature of 13-15? The upper layers of the soil. This should be done in well-lit areas. You should not plant a melon in the shade, because in this case, small fruits are obtained, which tastes unsweetened.

When melons are sown, the following distances must be observed: in rows, it should be up to 1m, and between them - 1-1,5 m. In the soil that has been pretreated, dig holes into 4-5 seeds. The depth of the holes should be 5-6 cm. Above, each of them is covered with earth. Ideally, if the melon is planted immediately after the rain directly into the wet land. The first shoots in this case will appear earlier.

Begin the weeding of beds from weeds should be after the appearance of the first shoots. In dry weather, it is necessary to water the plants. Weak plants need to be fed. Pinching plants produce after the appearance on the whip 4-5 leaflets. This will promote the active development of lateral sprouts.

Growing seedlings of melons

Grow melon seeds directly into the soil in the middle band is not worth it. About Siberia and the Urals and there is no question. You need to start with seedlings. Of course, it will take a lot of effort, but in this case the chances of harvesting in autumn are much higher. Growing melons in this way, they will not perish and have time to ripen.

Melon seeds, which are pre-selected, are placed in sawdust. Seeds need to be wetted first. After that, you have to wait until they proklyutsya. In pots or boxes prepare the soil. It is well fertilized with humus. Then the seeds are placed later. Further, they are buried at a depth of 2-3 cm. Then water is produced and then the pots are placed in a bright place. You can cover the pot with a film. Remove it immediately after emergence.

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