Planting of courgettes

Planting of courgettesIn the process of growing courgettes, the most important process is planting them. Correctly planted zucchini - the determining factor that affects the timing of fruiting, the duration of maturation, etc. Seeding of seeds in the soil - this is the way to plant zucchini used by many truck farmers. For this reason, courgettes please them with small yields. From one plant they collect 5-6 fruit. And then the plant begins to wither. And after a few days completely disappears.

To prepare for the planting of courgettes is necessary from the autumn. The future harvest of this vegetable is laid in the fall. The first thing a gardener needs to do is determine the place for growing zucchini. Choosing a place, you need to remember that you can not plant zucchini in the place on the site where previously grown other pumpkin.

Having planted zucchini there where pumpkin and патиссоны grew earlier, with the high probability in the autumn the crop you will not collect. And all because the soil is so exhausted by the predecessor that the vegetable marrow for normal growth simply does not have enough nutrients.

So, we decided on our predecessors. Now we should elaborate on the preparation of the soil for planting zucchini. This procedure should also be carried out in the autumn. Of course, the time of its holding can be postponed to the spring, but in this case you will not get the proper effect. Therefore, we recommend preparing soil in the autumn months. Preparation begins with digging holes up to 30 centimeters. Leaves, finely chopped greens are placed on the bottom of the hole. A bucket of fresh manure pours out on top of this compound. Then everything is covered with earth and compacted. After that you can say that the place is ready.

The optimal way to grow zucchini is from seedlings. This means that you first need to grow zucchini seedlings. Do this in bulk packages. It can be transplanted only after it has taken root. You can also grow seedlings in the usual way by sowing seeds in the soil, in places that have been prepared since autumn. Shoots must be protected against frost and hypothermia, as this can have a very negative effect on the development of zucchini.

The abundant watering of the place where the zucchini will grow should be performed before planting. One liter of potassium permanganate must be poured into the well itself. You can start zucchini planting only after this.

In the future, all care for zucchini is watering, feeding, combating weeds.

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