Planting of squash

Planting of squashWhen growing patissons, you can use one of the two existing methods of planting. Patissons have the same planting time as zucchini.

Beans, potatoes, cabbage and tomatoes are the best precursors for the squash. Lime, humus and compost are introduced into the soil in the fall, immediately after harvesting these crops. The rate of application is as follows: 5 kg per 1 sq. M. M. Light soils with a neutral reaction are ideal for planting patissons.

If you want to get seeds of squash at home, then the seeds need to be sown already 15 - 25 April. You will get ready seedlings already 15 - 20 days, it can be planted on beds. Cooking beds for patissons can also be done for zucchini. Their width should be 50 - 60 cm.

Dredge beds, and then align it will need to be after adding fertilizers to it. Then the bed will need to be poured with warm water at the rate: the floor of a bucket of water on 1 sq.m. After watering it is covered with a film. Remove the film and begin to plant will be in a few days, usually through 4 - 5. For sowing, first make holes that are located from each other at a distance of 0,9 - 1m at a depth of 3 - 4 cm.

Sowing seeds of dry or swollen can be produced directly into the soil. However, this should not be done before the onset of warm days. If you plant seeds in cold ground, they will simply rot. In each hole, two seeds of patisson are laid at a distance of 5-6 cm, after which they are covered with earth. With good germination and germination of both seeds, one plant must be transplanted to another location. The bed should be covered with a film upon completion of planting. The film is located on metal arcs, which need to be located across the beds. 30 - 40 cm - so much should be the height above the soil. Insulate the beds will be necessary for night frosts. This will help to save your seedlings and it will not die.

Planting of the patissons is done in groups, but they can grow one by one.

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