Planting a pumpkin

Pumpkin landing schemePumpkin loves the sun very much. That is why it is better for her to plant a place that is illuminated by the sun throughout the day. If this vegetable grows in the shade, then by the autumn small and slightly sugary fruits will form. Due to the fact that the pumpkin requires a lot of space, it is better to plant it near the fence. Especially this applies to climbing varieties. An excellent place for planting a pumpkin - this is the southern side of the houses. Escape should be directed upwards.

Even if the planting of pumpkin seeds is carried out directly into the soil, it is perfectly ripe. But note that this applies to planting in the southern regions of Russia. As for the middle band, there it will be necessary to take care of the seedlings. Before sowing it is desirable 2-3 hours to warm seeds at a temperature of 55-60 ° C. When growing seedlings, the following temperature regime should be maintained: 20 ° C during the day and at least 13-15 ° C at night. During the growing of seedlings, you need to feed 1-2 times, making complex fertilizers. In the event that the plant is too stretched, then it is necessary to lay the sub-ovoid knee on the soil with a ring, then sprinkle it with soil.

Prepare a place for planting a pumpkin is better in advance. In autumn it is necessary to introduce organic fertilizers. Manure and compost are introduced on low-fertility soils, and ash and lime are applied to heavy and acid soils. In addition, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can be added. Immediately before sowing, the soil must be dug up. Her sowing on light soils is performed on flat surfaces. The beds are made on heavy and moist soils.

In late May, pumpkin seedlings are planted in the open ground. The landing is made in rows - this facilitates the process of its processing in the future. However, after the landing, they arrange a temporary shelter. Planting pumpkins to protect it from the negative effects of weather cover with a film. When the threat of frost passes, usually this is the first decade of June, the shelter is removed. That the fruits are ripe well, in October - early November they are covered with straw inside the shelter.

The timing of planting a pumpkin into the ground

The second half of May - the optimal time for planting pumpkin seeds in the open ground. At this time, the earth is already warming up and the probability of frost is low. The seeding depth is about 4 cm and in each hole put 3-4 large seeds. The distance between the holes makes 1,2-1,4 m.

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