Seedlings of watermelon stretched, what to do

Watermelon seedlings stretched outIn most regions of our country, watermelons are grown through seedlings, which allows a few to reduce the vegetative period of the plant in the open ground or greenhouse. The very process of obtaining seedling material is quite laborious, because young plants need proper care, otherwise small watermelons will start to grow up incorrectly, stretch out or fall under the influence of diseases.

We'll figure out why the watermelon seedlings are stretched and what to do if this has already happened. Usually stretching plant seedlings is associated with a lack of light, the same applies to our culture. It should be noted that the watermelon belongs to the photophilous plants and during the day it should receive 12 hours of illumination, but in April, when the seedlings of this culture are grown, the light day is not long enough, so the plants can lengthen more than normal. The second reason for the thin and long plants is the increased density of planting, as a result of which the cultures shade each other, and their tips stretch towards the sunlight. Another reason for stretching can be copious irrigation in combination with the high temperature in the room.

When combating the pulling out of seedlings of watermelons, you need to determine the cause. If the process under consideration is caused by a lack of light, then an additional light source, for example a fluorescent lamp, must be installed over the plants. Ogorodniki pay attention to the fact that watermelons do not need abundant watering, so the moisture in the soil should be applied moderately. As mentioned above, stretching of seedlings can be caused by thickened plantings. In this case, you need to place the plants on the windowsill so that they do not touch each other.

What to do if young watermelons are stretched, because transplants are not recommended. The best way out of this situation is to powder the plant with soil so that it can form additional rootlets. It is desirable not to fill the soil with seedlings a little, in order to be able to fight with pulling out seedlings. Immediately after this, the cultures are installed on a solar window sill or additional lighting is arranged.

There are several ways to prevent the extension of watermelon seedlings:

  • Growing seedlings in separate round vessels with a diameter of 8-10 centimeters;
  • The correct temperature regime: during germination of seeds 25-30 degrees, then within a week 18-20 degrees, and then within 25? C, and the night temperature should be a few degrees below daytime. On hot days the room with seedlings is aired;
  • Correct lighting. When there is a lack of natural light, water-melon seedlings need an extra light;
  • Moderate watering. With intensive moistening of the soil, the crops grow rapidly, but their stems remain thin;
  • молодые растения могут вытягиваться из-за недостатка полезных веществ в почве, поэтому при выращивании рассады нужно заправить землю всеми необходимыми питательными веществами.

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