How to germinate the seeds of watermelon before planting

With the correct preplanting treatment of the seeds of watermelon, it is possible to obtain amicable shoots of the culture in question. It is important to choose the right variety, prepare a well aerated nutritive soil, and buy peat pots from 8 to 10-centimeter in diameter. The germination of seeds of watermelon also matters, because in this case, the emergence time can be accelerated, regardless of how the crop is grown (from seedlings or by seeding in open ground).

Cultivation of watermelons in the suburbs

Cultivation of watermelons in the suburbsAll varieties of watermelons are perfectly developed on light sandy loamy soils, which have a neutral acid reaction. It is known that the most favorable regime for growing this vegetable is the temperature: from 20 to 30-degrees in the daytime, at night - 16-18 degrees. Reducing the temperature to the mark in 12 or 13 degrees leads to inhibition of growth, the death of the root system and the rapid death of the culture.

Planting watermelons on seedlings

Planting watermelons on seedlingsIn the middle zone of Russia and other regions, watermelons are grown from seedlings. Melon growers consider that the best age of seedling material is three weeks (when planting on a permanent place in this period, cultures get better). Young plants are recommended to plant in separate containers, since transplanting into the open ground from a common container, pumpkin cultures for a long time get sick and do not take root well. Just to plant a watermelon you can buy seeds in banks.

Diseases of courgettes

Diseases of courgettesZucchini during the growing season can be exposed to a variety of diseases that can inhibit the growth of the plant or lead to a deterioration in the quality of the fruit. The main causes of diseases of any culture is ignorance of several simple rules that will help get rid of the pathogen even before planting.

Caloric content of melon

Caloric content of melonIn early summer, the first melons appear and many fans of this vegetable rush to markets or to shops to assess their taste. Melons can have different shapes (cylindrical, rounded, in color they are white, green, yellow, brown). The weight of the ripened fruit varies from 500 grams to 20 kilograms, but this is already the characteristics of each individual variety.

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