Pumpkin Care

Pumpkin CareCaring for the pumpkin is carried out immediately after sowing seeds in the ground. Places where plants are planted, stimulating the best moistening of the soil. Further, during the whole period of vegetation, loosening of the soil should be carried out. As necessary, watering and preventing diseases and spreading pests. Let's consider step by step how to care for a pumpkin at its cultivation.

Cultivation of watermelons in a greenhouse

Cultivation of watermelons in a greenhouseUsually a watermelon in a greenhouse is grown in those climatic zones where their cultivation in the usual way, in the open ground, is virtually impossible, this applies to the Moscow region and other regions that are included in this climatic zone.

Watermelon is attributed to heat and light-loving melons and gourds.

Care for courgettes

Care for courgettesTo get the early production of this vegetable you need to know how to properly care for zucchini. The key to success is the abundant watering of plants with warm water every three or four days. However, the amount of irrigation regulates the weather.

Решающим фактором для получения хорошего урожая этих овощей является благоприятное место для высадки рассады или посева семян кабачков.

Melon growing in the greenhouse

Melon in the greenhouseMelon is attributed to melons and gourds. She is a close relative of watermelons, pumpkins, zucchini, cucumbers and squash. The melon fruit can have a round or oval shape; Its color is white green orange or yellow.

To grow melons any greenhouse or a greenhouse of sufficient height, as for cucumbers, is suitable. Covering the greenhouse can be a film or glass, it is important to arrange a window for ventilation in hot weather.

Why rot zucchini

Гниль на кабачкахA common phenomenon in zucchini is the rotting of the ovaries. The rest will be normal if you cut 3-4 pieces. In this regard, you do not need to get upset, because in this high-yielding crop of ovaries is abundant. Let's see why rot the marrows right on the beds?

If the courgettes are not pleased with the big harvest, then it should be remembered, but not on this place the courgettes grew last year.

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