Cultivation of watermelons

Cultivation of watermelonsMany people know about the useful properties of watermelon. Talk about all the virtues of this sweet culture can be infinitely long. But most gardeners are probably not interested in this, but how to grow this culture in the conditions of a short warm season. It is quite possible to grow good watermelons even in the middle of Russia. But only if the rules of planting and agrotechnics are observed.

How to choose a watermelon variety?

Planting of courgettes

Planting of courgettesIn the process of growing courgettes, the most important process is planting them. Correctly planted zucchini - the determining factor that affects the timing of fruiting, the duration of maturation, etc. Seeding of seeds in the soil - this is the way to plant zucchini used by many truck farmers. For this reason, courgettes please them with small yields. From one plant they collect 5-6 fruit. And then the plant begins to wither. And after a few days completely disappears.

Cultivation of melon

Growing melons in open groundGardeners who decided to grow a melon on their site should know that she loves light, slightly alkaline or neutral soil, with a good degree of air permeability, moderately wet. If growing melons in the greenhouses, they must be constantly ventilated. It is desirable for melons and small fertilizing with mineral fertilizers. In addition, regular loosening of the soil is necessary.

Planting a pumpkin

Pumpkin landing schemePumpkin loves the sun very much. That is why it is better for her to plant a place that is illuminated by the sun throughout the day. If this vegetable grows in the shade, then by the autumn small and slightly sugary fruits will form. Due to the fact that the pumpkin requires a lot of space, it is better to plant it near the fence. Especially this applies to climbing varieties. An excellent place for planting a pumpkin - this is the southern side of the houses. Escape should be directed upwards.

Planting watermelons

Planting watermelonFrom the planting of watermelons to maturation is usually from 70 to 125 days. It all depends on the cultivated variety, as well as the conditions of farming. Of great importance are weather conditions.

Участки, на которых ранее росли многолетние травы или картофель, бобовые являются лучшим местом для выращивания арбузов. Почва, на которой планируется выращивать арбузы, должна быть хорошо обработанной.

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