Melon Collective Farm Girl

Grade of melonMelon The collective farmer is one of the mid-ripening varieties. From the appearance of the first shoots on the site and until the fruit ripens, 77-95 days pass. The fruit is globular in shape, yellow-orange in color, the peel is covered with a mesh. Usually the weight of the fruit is up to 1,5 kg. The fruits of this variety have a dense, crispy flesh, which is very sweet in taste.

Planting melons

Planting melonsMelon has an underdeveloped root system. If we compare this culture with other melons, then it should be noted that the melon is very demanding to the soil. At the same time, in most regions of the country it can be grown on its own plots.

If you decide to plant a melon, then start with the seed.

Planting of squash

Planting of squashWhen growing patissons, you can use one of the two existing methods of planting. Patissons have the same planting time as zucchini.

Beans, potatoes, cabbage and tomatoes are the best precursors for the squash. Lime, humus and compost are introduced into the soil in the fall, immediately after harvesting these crops. The rate of application is as follows: 5 kg per 1 sq. M. M.

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