Care for courgettes

Care for courgettesTo get the early production of this vegetable you need to know how to properly care for zucchini. The key to success is the abundant watering of plants with warm water every three or four days. However, the amount of irrigation regulates the weather.

The decisive factor for obtaining a good harvest of these vegetables is a favorable place for planting seedlings or sowing zucchini seeds. Culture loves the sun and regular moisturizing, so it is better to choose a sunny area. You should not plant crops after zucchini, cucumbers, squash. The best predecessors are carrots, potatoes, beets.

Для получения быстрых всходов при посадке семенами, их проращивают во влажной тряпочке в течении нескольких дней, до наклёвывания. Почва при высадке рассады или посеву семян должна быть хорошо нагрета, тогда всходы появятся уже через 10 дней. Землю перекапывают, затем делают лунки небольшой глубины. В каждую лунку для посадки семян бросают немного перегноя и древесной золы. В каждую ямку сажают по два , три семени, через 5 сантиметров; глубина закладки семян - 1,5 сантиметра. При посадке культуры в ранние сроки, лунки можно накрыть полиэтиленовой плёнкой, это будет способствовать лучшему прорастанию семян и защитит растения от небольших заморозков.

Watering and feeding zucchini

Полив кабачков следует проводить вечером, перед закатом солнца. Воду лучше использовать из водоёмов, если такие есть, или нагревать на солнце в больших ёмкостях. Полив холодной водой может плохо отразится на растениях и даже привести к их гибели.

The same care for zucchini is in loosening and weeding. Loosening the soil around plants should be done regularly until they grow. The first time it is done after emergence of sprouts with their simultaneous dilution. In each nest leave one or two plants, the rest pinch the top on the ground level. The purpose of loosening is to provide the root system with air that passes through the loosened soil, and also the removal of weeds.

For the best development of the plant and the fetus, one must carry out fertilizing. It is best to alternate fertilizing with mineral fertilizers and organic substances. The first time to carry out fertilizing with the appearance of 3-4 real sheets. For this, 20 grams of nitroammophos are bred in a bucket of water. When the fertilizer is completely dissolved, watering is done using a liter of solution per plant.

The second time the zucchini feeding is done at the beginning of flowering. To do this, a kilogram of mullein is dissolved in a bucket of warm water. The amount of solution per plant is increased by 1,5-2 times.

We examined the basic care for zucchini, and then you should only collect their harvest. When the fruit reaches the size of 20 centimeters, harvesting should be done. Vegetables are torn out every two days, because they can outgrow and lose their properties. Collected fruits are better to immediately conserve or consume in food, because they are stored for a short time, 12-14 days, and even at temperatures from 0 to + 2 degrees.

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