Pumpkin Care

Pumpkin CareCaring for the pumpkin is carried out immediately after sowing seeds in the ground. Places where plants are planted, stimulating the best moistening of the soil. Further, during the whole period of vegetation, loosening of the soil should be carried out. As necessary, watering and preventing diseases and spreading pests. Let's consider step by step how to care for a pumpkin at its cultivation.

At the first stages of pumpkin vegetation it is necessary to protect plants from birds (rooks, crows) who like to eat young sprouts and seeds. A measure of protection are colored ribbons tied to wooden twigs. These twigs are installed on the whole site. When planting seeds in the early period, they need protection from possible frosts. For this purpose, polyethylene film is laid in the places of sowing, after which the edges are sprinkled with earth. If the pumpkin is grown in seedlings, then the film is pulled on a frame of rods.

Soil loosening is the main activity in caring for pumpkin and it should be carried out throughout the growing season. A good result is loosening after long rains after the drying of the soil. In this case weed plants are destroyed and fresh air is supplied to the plant roots. Carrying out loosening it is necessary to take into account its depth, in the aisles it is 10-12 centimeters, near the roots of plants 4-6 centimeters. The loosening of row spacing is performed before watering the plants - this promotes good absorption of moisture by the roots. If there is a lot of precipitation, when the plants have not yet ascended, you can loosen the ground with rakes.

After the two real leaves appear on young plants, the number of plants in the nests is thinned, leaving one for the most developed plant. The correct removal of unnecessary plants is to cut off their stalk near the ground itself.

Bush pumpkin can grow very much, but give a small harvest. In order for pumpkins to grow large, a plant bush needs to be properly formed. Pumpkins with long stems are left with three ovaries, in large fruit - 4, in bush - two. The point of growth is plucked on the shoots and stem, the excess shoots that are formed during the vegetation period should be cut. To increase the area of ​​nutrition, the left shoots near the roots are pressed to the ground, this stimulates the formation of additional roots.

If you want to grow a really big fruit then in the care of pumpkin you need to include and fertilizing to provide plants with nutrients. For the first time, the plants are fed when 4 presents these sheets. Use liquid mullein 1: 10, or bird litter - 1: 15. If there are no such fertilizers, you can use mineral fertilizers. In a bucket of water, dissolve in 20 grams of ammonium nitrate, potassium salt and carbamide. For each bush poured one liter of the prepared solution. Plant fertilization can be repeated in 10-15 days, this will promote better fetal growth. A good effect is the alternation of organic fertilizing with mineral.

Although pumpkin also tolerates drought, irrigation contributes to the formation of additional rootlets, and hence to an increase in the area of ​​plant nutrition. Watering of plants is carried out on specially arranged furrows, as necessary.

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