Cultivation of watermelons

Cultivation of watermelonsMany people know about the useful properties of watermelon. Talk about all the virtues of this sweet culture can be infinitely long. But most gardeners are probably not interested in this, but how to grow this culture in the conditions of a short warm season. It is quite possible to grow good watermelons even in the middle of Russia. But only if the rules of planting and agrotechnics are observed.

How to choose a watermelon variety?

If you decide to grow a watermelon on your site, special attention should be paid to choosing a variety. Early-maturing varieties of watermelon are suitable for cultivation in the middle zone of Russia. It is better to choose medium-sized varieties that have sweet fruits and are able to mature in the climatic conditions of the middle band.

Cultivation of watermelons from seedlings

Seedlings are best used for growing watermelons in the mid-range. Pots, preferably peat-refined are used for growing seedlings. This choice allows you to avoid damage to the root system during the transplant.

Seeds of watermelon are soaked before sowing and then they are planted on 2-3cm in prepared pots.

In order for sprouts to appear quickly, the room should be kept at a temperature of 27-30 ° C, later it is lowered by 5-7 °. To make the seedlings feel good, for her in the house should choose the most sunny place. In the period of its growth, it is desirable to feed the seedlings, and as for watering the seedlings, it should be produced with moderately warm water.

Planting seedlings in the open ground can only be after it appears 3-5 leaves. Quenching of seedlings is carried out a week before disembarkation.

Prepare the ground on the bed necessary immediately before planting seedlings. Soil, which previously did not grow anything, for watermelon is the most suitable. Optimal for watermelon are light, fertile soils. Dumped manure or peat must be made before planting in the soil. The distance when planting seedlings should be at least 50 cm between plants.

Cover with a plastic wrap watermelon is necessary after disembarkation. When there is a steady warm weather, the film is removed. By this time the flowering of watermelons begins, therefore it is necessary to provide access to plants for bees.

Hurry with the planting of watermelon seedlings is not worth it. Warm weather in the middle lane is established already in early May. At this time on their sites, some vegetable growers begin to plant thermophilic crops under the film. If you plant a watermelon at this time, it can die from frost even under the film.

Potassium-phosphorus fertilizers must be added to the soil immediately after the water-melon planting. Two weeks after planting, the first top dressing is done, and during the flowering period the second feeding is performed. The earth needs to be watered immediately after applying fertilizers.

Watermelon is a drought-resistant plant that has powerful roots. Thanks to them, the plant can receive moisture under practically dry ground. For this reason, watermelon should be provided only with moderate watering. Reduce the frequency of watering is necessary during the formation of the fruit on the plant. Stop watering shortly before harvesting. In this case, the fruits will be juicy and sweet.

After the first fruits of the size of a chicken egg are formed on the 2-3 lashes, all other ovaries must be removed. Pinching should be carried out on the tops of plants. In this case, all the forces of the plant will go to the filling of fruits, and not to growth.

Feeding is carried out with mineral fertilizers or solutions of bird droppings and mullein.

Pinch watermelon

Obligatory performance of prishchikki watermelons - this is a feature of successful growing watermelon. To pinch the apical bud at watermelon it is necessary already in the phase of 5-6 leaf formation. The tops of all the weaves pinch at the beginning of fruit setting. This is the main condition for the early receipt of full-fledged fruits. After the pinches are done, a pair of fruit should remain on each scourge. The installation of fruit stems upwards after they have reached the size of the goose egg.

Cleaning watermelons

The final stage in growing watermelons is harvesting the fruit. However, it is not necessary to rush, because even if the fruits are large, this does not mean that they are ripe. Often, such fruits are not fully ripe.

It is quite difficult for an experienced person to determine the maturity of watermelon. The main features of ripeness of watermelon are the following: a brighter pattern on the bark, a dried up tip of the whip, a dull sound when tapping watermelon.

In the garden with watermelons, a scarecrow should be installed, since the fruits of this sweet culture like to peck crows.

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