Cultivation of watermelons in a greenhouse

Cultivation of watermelons in a greenhouseUsually a watermelon in a greenhouse is grown in those climatic zones where their cultivation in the usual way, in the open ground, is virtually impossible, this applies to the Moscow region and other regions that are included in this climatic zone.

Watermelon is attributed to heat and light-loving melons and gourds. Seeds of this culture can germinate at + 18 degrees, but the best effect is achieved at + 25-30 degrees, which is why the air temperature in the greenhouse should be within + 18 ... + 30 degrees, humidity in the area of ​​60%. If the air humidity is significantly increased, various diseases can appear on the plants. When growing watermelon in a greenhouse, attention should be paid to the maturity of the watermelon - it should be minimal, and therefore varieties with a small growing season should be chosen.

As a rule, the cultivation of watermelons in a greenhouse starts from seedlings. Seedlings are grown at a temperature of + 25 degrees in pots with a diameter of 10 centimeters. Such a large diameter pots are necessary for a good development of the root system. Young seedlings in pots are placed at a distance from each other so that their leaves do not touch each other. During the entire period of growing watermelon seedlings, two additional fertilizers are produced from complex mineral fertilizers.

The height of the greenhouse for the watermelon should be within 2 meters. Cover the greenhouse in the last decade of March or early April. First you need to plant early ripening cultures, which are not afraid of small negative temperatures. An example is the radish. After harvesting these crops, you can begin planting watermelons.

Seedlings of watermelon should be planted in a greenhouse, when warm weather sets in and the threat of frost passes. It will be good if a long-term weather forecast is known. Usually the watermelon is planted in the greenhouse in the last decade of May. In the event that weather forecasters forecast cooling over crops an additional skeleton is arranged, after which they cover it with a film.

In the first 7-10 days after the seedlings are not cared for, it is only necessary to ventilate the greenhouse at a temperature of + 30 degrees, and after two weeks the first watering is carried out with warm water combining it with top dressing. For top dressing use ammonium nitrate and nitrogen fertilizers. Water only the root zone, making sure that the water does not fall on the leaves and stems.

In addition to watering and fertilizing for plants, additional care is needed - this is a garter and pruning of plants. The first garter is spent at 10 day time. When growing watermelon in a greenhouse form plants in a single stem, and lateral ones are formed from the sinuses of leaves. When tying fruit, the ends of the shoots are plucked, and those that are removed without the ovary. Next, they garter the fruit itself to the trellis grid. Small fruit is placed in a large net and a garter is held.

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