Melon growing in the greenhouse

Melon in the greenhouseMelon is attributed to melons and gourds. She is a close relative of watermelons, pumpkins, zucchini, cucumbers and squash. The melon fruit can have a round or oval shape; Its color is white green orange or yellow.

To grow melons any greenhouse or a greenhouse of sufficient height, as for cucumbers, is suitable. Covering the greenhouse can be a film or glass, it is important to arrange a window for ventilation in hot weather.

In order for the cultures to get a longer period of vegetation, they prepare a steam ridge. To do this, lay a thick layer of biofuel, which can serve as manure. The layer of manure should be within 30 centimeters, so that the organic remains are well heated, repaired and gave warmth to the young plant, especially this is important when melons are planted early in a non-heated greenhouse. Seedlings are sown in fertile soil, the layer thickness of which is not less than 15 centimeters.

It is best to grow a melon in a greenhouse in a seedlings way. For this purpose, the largest melon seeds are sown in large peat pots. For better germination, the seeds are aged in a pink solution of potassium permanganate for half an hour. After that, you can sprout a little seed before naklevyvaniya - they are placed in a damp cloth and put in a warm place.

Favorable temperature for growing seedlings + 16 degrees. Pot should be put on a sunny place, so that the sprouts do not stretch. After the appearance of the fifth real leaf, the top of the plant should be pinched to awaken the development of lateral shoots. When planting seeds, their seeding starts from the middle of April.

For planting in a greenhouse suitable plants that have a well-formed root system. Young melon plants are planted in holes with a clod of earth with a distance of 45 centimeters. After planting in the ground, the plants are watered and sprinkled with dry soil to prevent the formation of a dense crust on the surface.

In a week it is necessary to water the plants with warm water, and at this time the first garter of plants to the trellis is carried out. When carrying out this procedure, leave only the main stem and one of the lateral shoots.

Fertilizing and watering melons in the greenhouse

With abundant flowering melons should be carried out fertilizing plants with universal compounds of complex fertilizers, which can be bought in any store for plants. When flowering, the fertilizing is repeated after 7 days, after the appearance of the ovary, the amount of fertilizing is doubled. On each bush should be no more than 5 fruit, the rest should be removed so that they do not pull useful substances from the plant. In addition, you need to pinch the tips of the shoots through 2-3 leaf after the fetus is formed. Such measures when growing melons in greenhouses allow you to get a good harvest in the early period.

Watering melons produce only if necessary and then only under the root. Moisture that has fallen on the leaves can cause burns to the plant and various diseases. The best option is to water the furrows, which are located near the roots of culture.

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