Cultivation of cauliflower

Cultivation of cauliflowerThe best predecessors before planting cauliflower are legumes, potatoes and cucumbers. This culture is not recommended to grow after all kinds of cabbage, radish, radish and other cruciferous.

The best place for cultivation of cauliflower can be a row in a young garden or weakly patchy areas with a good nutrient content.

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sproutsA distinctive feature of Brussels sprouts is not only the appearance of this plant, but also the composition. So, in her little kochanchiki contains two to three times more vitamin C when compared with other types of cabbage, so doctors recommend to use the fruits of this cabbage to children. Folk healers recommend eating Brussels sprouts with stomach disease, heart disease and blood vessels.

Caloric content of cabbage

CabbageCultivated a variety of varieties of this vegetable, so the caloric content of cabbage depends on the characteristics of the variety and method of preparation. Let's look at some types of cabbage and ways of cooking it, which affect the caloric value.

The most common among the population is white cabbage, we will consider it first. In its composition there are such microelements: phosphorus, calcium, potassium, vitamins B, all kinds, folic acid.

Caloric content of cauliflower

Caloric content of cauliflowerSuch a useful vegetable, like cauliflower, is a popular product in our market. It is known that this sort of cabbage was brought to the Mediterranean in the Middle Ages. The plant is a large inflorescence of shoots with peduncles on the edges.

The fruits of cauliflower can be eaten raw or boiled. Boiled cauliflower fried or mixed with vegetables, and then extinguish.

Types of cabbage

Types of cabbageWe are all used to white cabbage, but besides it there are other kinds of cabbage - this amazing plant, which differ in their structure and properties. Let's consider them.

White cabbage.

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