Cabbage storage

How to store cabbageUntil the first greens and early potatoes appear, many eat cabbage since last season, but storing cabbage until the spring has its own specifics and not everyone can keep it. First of all, one must understand that only late varieties will be able to withstand long winter storage. They have less moisture, contain more fiber, often can have venous leaves. Central veins are strong and rigid.

Weather conditions and methods of cultivation greatly influence the stability of the vegetable. If the plant is watered abundantly or there was a rainy autumn, then the cabbage's sluggishness may worsen. Kochan becomes brittle, he almost does not have a dry substance. Especially badly affect the cabbage watering after a dry summer, then the heads are cracked. Also, the soil affects the storage of cabbage, the loams are most suitable, in which the fertilizers do not exceed the recommended rate. It is good for the cabbage to be affected by phosphorus and potassium, these trace elements allow the heads to become denser

Если уборку капусты производить раньше времени, то овощи могут увядать, позже – растрескиваться. После уборки нужно отбраковывать следующий материал:

- underdeveloped heads.

- severed, cracked or headed with diseases.

- pest-damaged vegetables.

- Frozen.

But the right to remove the vegetable - it's half the matter, you need to know How to store cabbage correctly.

If cabbage is stored in bulk, then its height should not exceed 3 meters, in this case, the circulation of air must be mandatory. If cabbage is stored in containers, then they are installed in several tiers. Kochany settle up with a stump with a small distance between them.

The temperature in the storage should be maintained within zero, but not less. This temperature makes it possible to reduce heat release of the vegetable and slow down the action of microorganisms. If cabbage is slightly frozen, then after thawing, microorganisms can easily hit it. Temperatures above 2 degrees, forcing cabbage to release its own heat, then increase the temperature in the store, to cool the vegetables to the required norm is problematic.

In addition to the right temperature, this vegetable needs a certain amount of moisture. At humidity 80% of cabbage loses its own moisture, its weight decreases, and at the same time the influence of diseases on it decreases. High humidity, up to 98% threatens the condensation in the storage, while the active activity of microorganisms begins, vegetables can be affected by white or gray rot. The most suitable moisture for storage of cabbage is 85-90%.

For uniformity of temperature and humidity, it is necessary to ensure proper mixing of air, it must be continuous. With the help of ventilation, the temperature is balanced, which increases when the cabbage is stored, which generates heat in large arrays.

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