Caloric content of cabbage

CabbageCultivated a variety of varieties of this vegetable, so the caloric content of cabbage depends on the characteristics of the variety and method of preparation. Let's look at some types of cabbage and ways of cooking it, which affect the caloric value.

The most common among the population is white cabbage, we will consider it first. In its composition there are such microelements: phosphorus, calcium, potassium, vitamins B, all kinds, folic acid. The amount of vitamin C depends on the maturity, than the sprouted cabbage, the more this vitamin is in it.

Caloric content of white cabbage varies within 27 kcal / 100 grams of product. Carbohydrates for a specified mass of the product - 6,9 grams, proteins - 1,58 grams, fats - 0,18 grams. If white cabbage roast that calorie content will rise sharply and reach 50 kcals for every 100 grams of product. Also, the basic composition of proteins (1,9 gram), fats (2,9 grams), carbohydrates - up to 5 grams will also change.

Now consider red cabbage, a close relative of the previous species. It contains virtually the same vitamins and trace elements, although iron and sodium are added to the latter. Red cabbage is used as a means of prevention in the treatment of heart disease and rheumatism. So the composition: proteins - 0,87 grams, carbohydrates - 7,57. The amount of fat in the red cabbage is close to zero; Caloric value of 24 kilocalorie.

It is worth paying attention and cauliflower, which is better than all cabbages digested by the human body, so doctors recommend it to people who suffer from stomach disorders. Cauliflower contains vitamins B, A, PP, it contains a large amount of ascorbic acid and microelements, which are represented by iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus. Proteins in 100 grams of the product are 2,38 grams, fats are 0,39 grams, carbohydrates are 5,4 grams. Caloric content of such cabbage is 32 kilocalorie.

One of the most high-calorie cabbage is Brussels, its caloric content reaches 50 kilocalories, like white-headed. The rich vitamin and mineral composition of Brussels sprouts has a beneficial effect on its properties. With the frequent use of such cabbage, the risk of cancer and heart disease is sharply reduced. Folic acid, which is found in cabbage, has a beneficial effect on the development of the nervous system of the baby, so it is recommended for eating pregnant women. In Brussels sprouts contains about 5 grams of protein and 8 grams of carbohydrates, fats are absent.

Probably need to pay attention and sauerkraut cabbage. This product is obtained by fermenting the juices of cabbage and sugar. This cabbage is especially useful in winter, it is able to replenish the deficiency of vitamins, which are so lacking in the human body in winter. In addition to a complex of vitamins, sauerkraut normalizes the digestive process, improves metabolic processes in the human stomach, increases immunity. Caloric content of this product is 19 calories. Proteins about 2 grams, fats - 0,09 gram, carbohydrates - 4,37 grams.

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