Caloric content of cauliflower

Caloric content of cauliflowerSuch a useful vegetable, like cauliflower, is a popular product in our market. It is known that this sort of cabbage was brought to the Mediterranean in the Middle Ages. The plant is a large inflorescence of shoots with peduncles on the edges.

The fruits of cauliflower can be eaten raw or boiled. Boiled cauliflower fried or mixed with vegetables, and then extinguish. In addition, cabbage fruits can be pickled, canned or salted separately or together with other vegetables. The fruits of cauliflower are used to prepare various dishes: salads, soups, and second courses.

This vegetable contains many different vitamins, and it is also rich in microelements that are necessary for the proper functioning of the human body, so doctors recommend that it be eaten by adults and also by children. The basic composition of the vegetable includes fiber, which is easily absorbed by the human body, so people who suffer from gastrointestinal diseases can consume the fruit of cauliflower.

Caloric content of cauliflower 29 k.kalory / 100 grams. In addition, cauliflower enters into 90 grams of water; Up to 2,6 grams of protein; 4,8 a gram of carbohydrates, the amount of fats varies within zero, so this product is actively used for weight loss. Of the vitamins in the composition of cauliflower, C prevails, it even more than contains lemon. The use of 50 grams of this product in any form allows you to cover the daily intake of vitamin C.

Как и описывалось, витамин С не единственный, в цветной капусте содержатся витамины В, А, которые замедляют процессы старения и успокаивают нервы. Цветная капуста содержит такие микроэлементы: железо, фосфор, магний, кальций и калий, кроме того в ней содержатся кислоты (яблочная и лимонная, тартроновая). Последняя кислота способствует рассасыванию жира в организме человека, поэтому капусту и субпродукты из неё, рекомендуют употреблять людям, которые страдают избыточным весом.

Sauces from cauliflower have beneficial properties, it is enriched with glucose and fructose, therefore it is recommended to use it for people who suffer from diabetes, but if you dilute the juice squeezed from cabbage with water 1: 1, this mixture will calm the inflamed gum. Also it should be said that this product is useful for a child's growing organism due to the vegetable protein that is included in its composition.

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