Cabbage whale

Cabbage SternumThe most common disease of cabbage is the cabella. The lowest fungus, the causative agent of this disease, develops only in living organisms. In addition to cabbage, it affects other cruciferous plants. Resting spores of the fungus persist in the soil. In the spring, zoospores are formed on them, which penetrate the plants through the root hairs. Increased in the volume of affected cells. During the whole period of vegetation, plants become infected.

The formation of growths on the roots of seedlings due to cell hypertrophy is the main feature by which this disease can be determined. Appearing growths block the root system, thereby disrupting the absorption of water and nutrients by the plant. In some cases, the development of this disease in the appearance of the plant does not occur any changes. Cabbage keel is detected only after an external examination of the roots. If a severe early infection occurs, the plants will lag behind in growth. On the leaves of plants you can notice a slight yellowing. For use, diseased seedlings become unsuitable due to their poor rooting. When the disease develops, the plants are strongly oppressed, the formation of the head is not complete. In a number of cases, it is simply absent. Withering of the lower leaves in hot weather is a feature of the defeat of cabbage with a whale.

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In the non-chernozem zone, the keel is most common. Increased moisture and acidity is a characteristic feature of the soils of this territory.

Fighting the whale of cabbage

- cultivation of resistant varieties of cabbage;

- carrying out liming of acidic soils (up to 0,5 kg per m2);

- remove and destroy all plants affected by a whale;

- observance of cultural turnover, return of cabbage to its former place not earlier than 5 years;

- the roots of cabbage should be treated with a solution of copper chloride before the seedlings are planted in the soil;

- treatment of the area on which the cabbage will grow with the solution of the preparation Fundazol;

- burning of all plant residues after harvesting and deep digging of soil - this is the main autumn measure, which allows you to effectively fight with the whale. Along with this, it is possible to conduct soil disinfection with a solution of copper sulfate.

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