Planting cabbage

Planting cabbage seedlingsAt what time to plant cabbage, depends largely on its variety. Early varieties can be planted in the central regions already from the end of April. Following the early planting cabbage of late varieties with a large period of growth. By 20 May, the seedlings of these varieties are being planted. By 5-10 June planting of medium-ripening cabbage must be completed.

Cabbage is planted on an even surface only if the subsoil waters lie deep in the area. If the site has a rather high level of soil moisture, then landing is made on the crest or rows. It is there that the seedlings are planted.

Planting cabbage seedlings into the ground

A certain density of accommodation should be observed during the transplanting process. The density of placement depends on the composition of the soil, as well as on the variety of cabbage. Planting of early varieties of cabbage is made at a distance of 50 cm between the rows and 40 cm in the row. Medium-ripening varieties are placed at a distance of 50-60 cm in rows and rows. Later varieties, whose plants form large heads are planted on 70 cm from each other.

When planting cabbage seedlings, you can use a square method. It is important that the series be straightforward. This will make the work on tillage and hilling of plants less difficult. For seedlings, you need to make such holes, so that they can safely place the roots.

Plant only healthy seedlings. It should be stocky, have dark green leaves. It should have a well developed root system. Seeds of cabbage should already have 4-6 leaves.

Cultivation of seedlings is best practiced in peat pots. Plant them on the beds with the plants. If you water the seedlings before planting the plant, then it will get better. Particular attention should be paid to the correct planting of seedlings: the heart should not be covered. To land too small is also not worth it. In the hole, the seedlings must be lowered to the first real leaf. After this, it is necessary to squeeze the earth carefully, so that in the earth the seedlings sit quite tightly. One or two handfuls of humus are desirable to make before planting. Sprinkling of seedlings in dry weather is carried out daily. This is done until the seedling does not take root and watering should be abundant. Seedlings should be planted either in cloudy weather, or closer to the evening.

Уплотнять поздние сорта капусты посадкой ранних сортов, которым с момента посадки на образование кочана требуется 50-60 дней можно на хорошо удобренных участках.

Planting cabbage seeds

A seedless way to grow cabbage also produces positive results. Planting cabbage seeds produce directly into the soil. In southern Russia, this method of growing cabbage gives the best results. But you can use this method in the central areas.

The use of a non-irrigated method contributes to an increase in the yield and quality of head, the labor costs are markedly reduced. Thorough pre-sowing preparation is the basic condition for growing cabbage in a non-seedlent way. Seeds sow at a depth of 1-2 cm on 5-7 pieces. Before sowing, the bottom of the wells must be squeezed by hand. It is recommended to seal seeds in moist soil. If the soil is dry, then it must be watered before sowing. Seeding of cabbage seeds should occur for a week or two before the time of transplanting.

Several days after sowing the cabbage seedlings appear sprouts of cabbage. For borassed cabbage, care is quite normal. But at the same time, attention should be paid to the protection of shoots from fleas, especially during the first period of seedling development.

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