Cauliflower planting

Cauliflower plantingThe planting of any cabbage must be preceded by the selection of the site. The best crops that grew on the site for a season before growing this crop are potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and beetroot. A bad result will be the planting of cauliflower after close relatives of cabbage in appearance - this is radish, radish, turnip, all kinds of cabbage and rutabaga.

To improve the efficiency of soil use, it is possible to combine crops with garlic, dill, radish or spinach. To provide useful substances fall in the soil in humus, and in the spring ammonium nitrate.

Cauliflower, in our climatic zone is grown from seedlings. Seedlings before landing in the ground are selected in the morning. To the root system of cabbage separated from the clods of plant earth, you need to water abundantly the previous evening. Before planting, the roots of cabbage must be dipped into a mallet composed of clay mixed with mullein. Planting plants for better survival is best done in cloudy weather or in the evening hours, when daytime temperatures begin to drop.

What to do if it's hot weather? In this case, after planting cauliflower, the plants pritenyayut using tree branches. The shading is left on the site for 3-4 days, until the young sprouts of cabbage are rooted. Distances between plants when planting depends on the variety, so the distance between adjacent rows of early cultures 50-70 centimeters, between plants in one row - 25-30. Rows of late varieties of cabbage should be at a distance of 70 centimeters, the distance between plants in the row is 40 centimeters. Cultures need a certain area of ​​nutrition of the root system, so planting thickets should be avoided, this will help to form small heads.

Seedlings are planted in the holes so as not to fall asleep on the top of the seedling, which is responsible for the formation of the plant. The planting holes are made with a chopper or a special scoop; after that, they are poured into a liter of water and tarnished with wood ash. When planting plants, they should be crushed by the earth; The top layer of the soil must consist of dry earth, so that a dense crust does not form, which will prevent the penetration of air to the root system of plants. To protect from cabbage flies, the plants are strangled with tobacco dust.

With early planting time, you need to protect seedlings from possible frosts. For this purpose, plantations are covered with agrofiber, for the same purpose, protective caps made of transparent polyethylene film can be used. First you need to make a frame of two wooden twigs, then pull the film and squeeze the ground. Cropped polyethylene bottles also protect plants from frosts well, plus they reduce the vegetation period.

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