Broccoli cabbage cultivation

Growing cabbage broccoliBroccoli is similar in appearance to cauliflower; Some even confuse these close relatives, but there are differences. Broccoli differs in color, it is green, and if you compare the taste, then the cabbage in question is more delicate. If we already talk about the differences between these two species, then the growing conditions for them should be different. So, broccoli prefers cool weather, and cauliflower grows better in warm regions.

Cultivation of Pekinese cabbage

Chinese cabbagePeking cabbage is very tender, so you need to know the characteristics of its cultivation, in the end, to achieve a good harvest. First of all, one should pay attention to the fact that Peking cabbage does not tolerate a transplant, so experienced gardeners recommend growing seedlings in pots or cassettes or direct seeding into open ground.

Cabbage kohlrabi, planting and care

Cabbage kohlrabiIn its appearance, cabbage kohlrabi is distinguished by a thickened stalk, which is called a stalk, it should be eaten. And now we will deal with the peculiarities of planting kohlrabi and caring for the culture.

In our climatic zone, kohlrabi is grown with the help of grown seedlings like other cabbages.

Cultivation of cauliflower seedlings

Seedlings of cauliflowerBefore planting cauliflower for seedlings, you should determine its grade. Let's look at several varieties of this plant, which differ in the duration of the growing season. So, the early ones are Gribovskaya 1355, Amphora; Average - Adler spring, Domestic; Later - Sochi.

Cauliflower planting

Cauliflower plantingThe planting of any cabbage must be preceded by the selection of the site. The best crops that grew on the site for a season before growing this crop are potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and beetroot. A bad result will be the planting of cauliflower after close relatives of cabbage in appearance - this is radish, radish, turnip, all kinds of cabbage and rutabaga.

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