Useful properties of cabbage

Useful properties of cabbageStudying the useful properties of cabbage, scientists discovered one of its peculiarities, which is the presence of vitamin U - methylmethionine. He is able to treat ulcers of the stomach and intestines. In addition, the calorie content of cabbage is not high, but there are a lot of vitamins.

The leaves contain a lot of vitamin C, especially in late-ripening varieties. Let's note one more feature of this vegetable: cabbage is able to preserve vitamin C for a long time.

Care for cabbage

Care for cabbageУ вас на грядках будут стоять крепкие растения, если вы правильно вырастили рассаду капусты и своевременно высадили её в грунт. Хотя это растение и не очень требовательно но, тем не менее, уход за капустой весной и до уборки урожая необходим.

The soil under cabbage should have a neutral reaction. To ensure this, lime milk for cabbage should be added every 2-3 a week. For its preparation in 10 l of water, it is necessary to dilute a glass of lime and 1 l of this solution is poured under each plant.

Cultivation of cabbage in the open ground

Cultivation of cabbageCabbages of late varieties are grown, as a rule, in the open ground. Despite the fact that this method is distinguished by its simplicity and is understandable to many, nevertheless, there are nuances about which it is necessary to know. Otherwise, when growing cabbage, you can fail. The method has similarities with the cultivation of cabbage by means of seedlings. However, the process itself is not in the greenhouse, but in the open ground, where the conditions are not too favorable. Damage to plants can cause drought, weeds, as well as cooling and pests.

Hare cabbage

Hare cabbageRye cabbage can often be found in our forests or in the meadows. It has strong stems, fleshy leaves, and white or pink flowers from a distance give out its location. The plant develops better on solar lawns, can hide among bushes, prefers loam or sandy soils.

In this healing plant there is vitamin C, organic acids, fructose and sucrose, starch, calcium, tannins and many other elements.

Cabbageworm, fighting methods

Butterfly cabbage scoopsButterflies of cabbage scoops can vary considerably in size. The length between the outstretched wings of the pest is up to 5 centimeters. Front wings are brownish gray, bright, have two broken white spots. The edges of the wings can have the form of teeth with strips of yellow-white or white. Behind the wings are gray or dark gray. On the front legs of pests, you can see spurs when you look closely.

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