Cabbage storage

How to store cabbageUntil the first greens and early potatoes appear, many eat cabbage since last season, but storing cabbage until the spring has its own specifics and not everyone can keep it. First of all, one must understand that only late varieties will be able to withstand long winter storage. They have less moisture, contain more fiber, often can have venous leaves. Central veins are strong and rigid.

Growing cabbage seedlings

Cabbage seedlingsВыращивают капусту обычно из рассады. В первую очередь, нужно определиться с сортом и в зависимости от него определяться когда садить рассаду капусты. Так, ранние сорта капусты белокочанной нужно сеять в средине марта, среднеспелую - до 1 апреля, а позднюю - после 10 апреля. Для выращивания рассады капусты первым делом делают бороздки в ящиках. Между бороздками выдерживают расстояние 3 см, а их глубина должна составлять 0,5-1 см.

Cabbage whale

Cabbage SternumThe most common disease of cabbage is the cabella. The lowest fungus, the causative agent of this disease, develops only in living organisms. In addition to cabbage, it affects other cruciferous plants. Resting spores of the fungus persist in the soil. In the spring, zoospores are formed on them, which penetrate the plants through the root hairs. Increased in the volume of affected cells. During the whole period of vegetation, plants become infected.

Savoy cabbage cultivation

Savoy cabbageThe technology of growing Savoy cabbage is similar to the cultivation of white cabbage. In mid-March, early sowing varieties are sown. In mid-April, medium-late varieties are sown for autumn-winter consumption.

Usually Savoy cabbage is grown from seedlings. Care for her is the same as for the usual, except that watering the seedlings is desirable to produce in the morning in sunny weather, after all, it is necessary to carry out ventilation.

Planting cabbage

Planting cabbage seedlingsAt what time to plant cabbage, depends largely on its variety. Early varieties can be planted in the central regions already from the end of April. Following the early planting cabbage of late varieties with a large period of growth. By 20 May, the seedlings of these varieties are being planted. By 5-10 June planting of medium-ripening cabbage must be completed.

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