Care for cabbage

Care for cabbageУ вас на грядках будут стоять крепкие растения, если вы правильно вырастили рассаду капусты и своевременно высадили её в грунт. Хотя это растение и не очень требовательно но, тем не менее, уход за капустой весной и до уборки урожая необходим.

The soil under cabbage should have a neutral reaction. To ensure this, lime milk for cabbage should be added every 2-3 a week. For its preparation in 10 l of water, it is necessary to dilute a glass of lime and 1 l of this solution is poured under each plant.

За один раз не получиться раскислить почву. Известь в больших дозах, вносимая в почву, приведет к связыванию фосфора. В результате использовать его для питания растения не смогут.

If in the soil in your region there is a lack of calcium, then in this case you can water the plants with a solution of calcium nitrate. It can be used instead of lime milk. For its preparation, 3 art. Spoon diluted in 10 l water. For each plant should account for half a liter of such a solution.

Care for cabbage after planting is in irrigation and fertilizing. The first fertilizing solution is made two weeks after planting the seedlings in the ground: they make a solution of slurry, urine of farm animals or bird droppings, to which superphosphate is added. In addition, the first manual hoeing is carried out.

Soil loosening continues in the second period. They struggle with the crust, spend hilling and perform fertilizing.

The need for hilling is that it leads to the formation of additional roots. And this helps to increase the supply of plants with nutrient solutions and water. In addition, plants become more resistant. Hilling of early cabbage is produced only once. As for the cabbage of medium and late varieties, it is hilled twice a summer. The cultivation of cabbage kohlrabi is not carried out. Let's say a few words about planting cauliflower cabbage seedlings: it is not lowered to the ground until the lower leaves, as it grew in the nursery.

Weeding and loosening is stopped in the third period. At this time, cabbage leaves are already covering the aisles. Weeds disappear because they do not withstand the shading created by cabbage leaves. If we carry out weeding, then hoes can break the leaves.

When caring for cabbage in summer, special attention should be paid to watering. Especially it is responsive to watering on fresh undeveloped soils. Up to 80 liters (6 buckets) the need for cabbage in the water during the growth period of cabbage reaches. If there is water in the garden, then with abundant watering there will be no problems. When watering cabbage, a solution of bird droppings can be added to the water.

The time of formation of more or less tight head is the period of cabbage harvest. To delay with the cathedral of a crop it is not necessary, as on a cabbage cracks can arise. For cabbage cabbage cabbage, either a sharp knife or an ax is used. Then the area is cleared of the leaves and kocheryg.

The most common disease of cabbage is the keel. It manifests itself in the appearance of a bluish hue on the leaves. In the sun they begin to bind. Having dug out such a plant, on its roots one can see growths. This is a sign that the plant is sick with a whale.

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