Cultivation of cabbage in the open ground

Cultivation of cabbageCabbages of late varieties are grown, as a rule, in the open ground. Despite the fact that this method is distinguished by its simplicity and is understandable to many, nevertheless, there are nuances about which it is necessary to know. Otherwise, when growing cabbage, you can fail. The method has similarities with the cultivation of cabbage by means of seedlings. However, the process itself is not in the greenhouse, but in the open ground, where the conditions are not too favorable. Damage to plants can cause drought, weeds, as well as cooling and pests.

The seedless way of growing cabbage is that in spring the seeds are sown in the open ground. Before sowing the site is well loosened, all weeds are carefully removed. Seeding of seeds should be carried out to a depth of 2,5-3 cm.

Cultivation of cabbage in the open ground requires increased attention after the appearance of the first shoots - it is at this time that a critical moment comes. The thing is that immediately after the emergence of shoots they can attack the fleas and destroy them in just a few hours. How can you protect small plants? It all depends on the weather. You can use a variety of ways to protect seedlings. The simplest is to regularly inspect the shoots. Once you notice holes in the leaves on the plants, start acting. It should be treated with ashes. If the weather is dry, then ashes will not hold. Therefore, before carrying out such treatment, it is necessary to water the shoots with water from a watering can or use a hose, on which it is first necessary to put on a special nozzle. Only after carrying out watering, it is possible to perform ash strewing. Effective in protecting plants are infusions of garlic, onions or tobacco dust.

Another measure to protect the shoots is as follows: in advance, the plants need to be covered with a film. Along with this, it is possible to conduct site treatment with chemical preparations. But in any case, plants should pay close attention and see if the fleas have appeared. You can see them with the naked eye. It is a small insect black color, which quickly jump. By voracity they can be compared with Colorado beetles.

Медведки – это еще один вредитель, который может нанести большой вред капусте. Они представляют собой насекомых достаточно больших размеров, которые поедают корни растений. Помимо капусты они атакуют картошку и помидоры. Рядом с кустом они строят гнездо, в которое могут отложить до 100 яиц. Уничтожение этого вредителя в летний сезон представляет собой достаточно сложную задачу. А все потому, что под землей они роют ходы глубиной до 1 м.

When growing cabbage in the open ground, it needs a lot of moisture and air. This is explained by the fact that this culture has a large leaf surface, which evaporates a significant amount of water. Daily water consumption for one plant can reach 10 l. If there is a lack of moisture, then in this case, the harvest decreases. For this reason, during the planting of cabbage, it is necessary to select areas with low relief and near water bodies.

To increase the humidity of the air, it is necessary to carry out artificial irrigation by sprinkling. They help to moisten not only the soil, but also the air.

Negative on the growth of cabbage reflects an excess of moisture. In areas with high relief, which are overmoistened, cabbage stops growing, the leaves change their shade to violet-red. In addition, headaches are badly formed. In the end, an insignificant harvest is formed in autumn. In such areas it is best to grow cabbage on the ridges and ridges.

Note that cabbage is very demanding for light, especially in the early growth period - in the germination phase. With a lack of light, a strong extension of the shoots takes place, the quality of the seedling becomes worse, which subsequently leads to a decrease in the yield.

If in the cultivation of cabbage, lack of light is observed in the adult state, this leads to its extension. Kocheryga lengthens, and the leaves noticeably grow smaller. Kochany are small, loose, and often their formation does not occur.

In the process of growth, the consumption of cabbage of individual elements is uneven. At first, cabbage consumes a lot of nitrogen, which it needs to grow a leaf. During the formation of the head, consumption of phosphorus and potassium is increasing.

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