Growing cabbage seedlings

Cabbage seedlingsGrow cabbage usually from seedlings. First of all, you need to determine the variety and, depending on it, you can determine when to plant cabbage seedlings. So, early varieties of white cabbage must be sown in the middle of March, mid-season - until 1 April, and late - after 10 April. For growing cabbage seedlings, the first thing to do is grooves in the boxes. Between grooves withstand a distance of 3 cm, and their depth should be 0,5-1 cm.

After this, the seeds are sown, they are closed with earth, mulching with peat. Instead of peat, you can use large sand. This is necessary in order to avoid the formation of a crust. Then it is well spilled with water - use water at room temperature. After this, the box needs to be covered with glass and create a temperature of 22-25 ° C.

On 5-7 days after seeding, seedlings appear. After the appearance of green cotyledons in boxes, it is necessary to lower the temperature to 8 ° C for 2-3 days. At the most illuminated place should be placed boxes with seedlings. During the day, the temperature should be maintained at 12-16 ° C, and at night around 8 ° C. Due to this, the subfamily is not stretched and the seedling is squat.

Irrigation at this time produce a weak solution of manganese-acid potassium. When increasing the illumination, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the cotyledons and seedlings do not get burned and do not fade. Irrigation, loosening must be carried out throughout the life of growing cabbage seedlings ..

Cabbage seedling

Dredge seedlings in pots, cups or boxes when emerged emerged 1 or 2 real leaf. Picks are carried out to increase the root feeding area, improve lighting, and also to strengthen the root system.

During the picking process, culling of diseased plants is carried out. 1 / 3 root is removed from healthy plants. After the completion of the picking, pots or boxes with seedlings are transferred to heated rooms. 18-20 ° C temperature should be maintained after picking. This will ensure a faster survival of the seedlings. Gradually, the temperature is lowered to 15-16 ° C in the daytime and 10 ° C into the night.

Care for cabbage seedlings

After the plants are planted, when they have already gone into growth, it is possible to add fertilizer to the mullein, which is bred in 4 parts of water, with the addition of superphosphate. In addition to mullein, you can feed a bird's litter. You can carry out the second feeding two weeks after the first. Before planting seedlings in the ground, you can make and third feeding. It is necessary to look after the seedlings and make sure that they do not stretch. When there is no frost in the street, seedlings can be planted on the street or on the balcony, if you live in an apartment and at night bring in. You can leave seedlings on the balcony in the frost-free nights.

Growing cabbage seedlings without hardening can reduce all your work to naught. They start this a week before it disembarked. During the tempering procedure, the seedlings are left on the balcony during the day and at night. Also it can be left in a cold greenhouse with a film coating.

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