Cultivation of cauliflower seedlings

Seedlings of cauliflowerBefore planting cauliflower for seedlings, you should determine its grade. Let's look at several varieties of this plant, which differ in the duration of the growing season. So, the early ones are Gribovskaya 1355, Amphora; Average - Adler spring, Domestic; Later - Sochi.

In the climatic zone of our country, it is best to grow early and medium varieties of cauliflower. To obtain strong seedlings, it is better to use large seeds that can be specially selected for this purpose. For a friendly germination of seeds they are kept in warm water (temperature 40-50 degrees) 30 minutes. Then the seeds need to be soaked with a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 8-10 hours.

Cauliflower seedlings are grown in special seedlings or pots. Seedlings in pots do not require picks, so this method is considered the best. Nutrient mixture for future seedlings include peat and humus 3: 1. In addition, you can add ashes, a glass to the bucket to enrich the nutrient mixture with trace elements. The mixture is leveled by means of a little moisturize and compact. In the boxes do shallow furrows (5 millimeters) in which the seeds are placed at a distance of 1 centimeter. The distance between adjacent grooves is 3 centimeter.

If the seeds provide optimal conditions for germination (mean air temperature + 21 degree), then the shoots will appear after 5 days after sowing. In order for young plants to have a thick leg, they did not stretch, it was necessary to lower the temperature by 5 degrees for a week, and then return back to the original, the seedlings thus hardened. The top layer of the ground when planting seeds is better to additionally drizzle with wood ash to prevent the appearance of a black leg on the plants. After 10-12 days after the emergence of seedlings, the seedlings are sown in pots if seedlings are used.

For good development of seedlings, we need fertilizing. For the first time, the plants are fed one week after diving. Also the need for top dressing can be determined by the beginning of the formation of the second present leaf in a potted seedling. In 10 liters of water are dissolved by 10 grams of carbamide and superphosphate - 20 grams. The second fertilizing is carried out after 10 days after the first, the dose of nutrients is increased by one and a half times.

The cultivation of cauliflower seedlings takes six to seven weeks. The seedlings ready for planting in the soil must have a powerful root system and 4-5 of the present leaf. To better get used to the new conditions, it is hardened for a week before landing in the ground, for this purpose they are carried out to the open air, gradually increasing the residence time.

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