Cultivation of cauliflower

Cultivation of cauliflowerThe best predecessors before planting cauliflower are legumes, potatoes and cucumbers. This culture is not recommended to grow after all kinds of cabbage, radish, radish and other cruciferous.

The best place for cultivation of cauliflower can be a row in a young garden or weakly patchy areas with a good nutrient content. In the presence of acid soils, to neutralize the acidity under the digging, lime or chalk must be added. Also, fertilizers (organic and mineral) are applied to digging - manure, compost up to 6 kg / m ?, superphosphate 40 gr./m ?, potassium chloride 15 gr./m.

For long-term harvesting, cauliflower seedlings should be sown in open ground for several periods - the first time in early April, then every two weeks. When planting seedlings plants are placed every 30-35 centimeters, the distance between adjacent rows is 60-70 centimeters - some gardeners fill the aisle with a radish or salad.

Further care for plants includes loosening the rows, watering the plants, feeding and hilling. The first loosening is carried out a few days after planting cabbage, the subsequent loosening should be done with the appearance of weeds, as well as in the case of a soil crust.

После укоренения рассады её удобряют, а затем окучивают. В качестве удобрения используют раствор навозной жижи (килограмм жижи на ведро воды) или раствором из минеральных удобрений включающих карбамид - 20 граммов, суперфосфат - 40 граммов и хлористый калий - 20 граммов на тот же объём воды. Если почва влажная, то минеральные вещества можно раструсить по участку на котором посажена цветная капуста. В этом случае на каждый квадратный метр площади вносят: карбамид и суперфосфат по 10 граммов, хлористый калий 5 граммов.

Plant watering is carried out, if necessary, only by warm water in the evening. Cauliflower needs an increased amount of moisture during the formation of the heads. At this stage of the development of cabbage, the amount of watering increases, well soaking the soil.

During the cultivation of cauliflower, we recommend pritenyat heads, breaking the inner sheets above them. Such a procedure will protect the future harvest from overheating by the sun, as a result of its action, cabbage heads darken, their taste and market appearance are reduced.

Cleaning of cauliflower begins in July and can last until August, depending on the variety and the term of planting seedlings. The maturity of the head is determined by the size and color, the heads of the mature cauliflower should be white. The size of the matured head of cabbage should be at least 8 centimeters in diameter, but if it crumbles, then such cabbage is discarded.

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