Hare cabbage

Hare cabbageRye cabbage can often be found in our forests or in the meadows. It has strong stems, fleshy leaves, and white or pink flowers from a distance give out its location. The plant develops better on solar lawns, can hide among bushes, prefers loam or sandy soils.

In this healing plant there is vitamin C, organic acids, fructose and sucrose, starch, calcium, tannins and many other elements. In our country, you can find two species of this plant - a large purification and purple cleaning. They differ only in the color of the flowers, in one they are pink, and in the other they are white. Sometimes this species is referred to as an acid, but it does not apply to hare cabbage.

This plant can collect even small children, since hare cabbage is very different from the surrounding vegetation. In food, the leaves are consumed, without any treatment, they crunch and have sourness.

But the best option is to prepare the original dishes, the simplest is a salad of leaves. The leaves can be cut raw or pre-blanched. Leaves cut, mixed with other vegetables, add eggs, onions, green peas, grease with mayonnaise or sour cream, to improve the taste, add various seasonings and salt.

From cabbage it is also possible to prepare a stuffing for pies, meat rolls, casseroles or even cheesecakes. For sweet pies, the leaves are finely chopped and mixed with sugar, adding apples, cherries or strawberries, which will allow baking to acquire an original taste.

For the filling of rolls or casseroles, cabbage leaves are blanched beforehand, mixed with potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, beets or eggs. Vegetables can also be pre-passaged.

Cabbage can also be used to make delicious borsch, soups, various side dishes. You can show imagination and cook, for example, draniki, which include the culture in question. For this, the potato is passed several times through a meat grinder, or rubbed on a fine grater, squeezed the juice and mixed with chopped cabbage leaves, you can add a little garlic. Then all the ingredients are mixed, add the egg and seasonings. It should be baked in vegetable oil, covering the frying pan with a lid. Dishes from this interesting product can be prepared a lot, however we will consider another application of this plant.

Traditional healers also widely use this plant. Hare cabbage has the properties to quench the pain to produce a tonic and analgesic effect, in addition, the plant can be used to heal wounds. Decoctions of leaves, roots and flowers of the plant improve the work of the heart, stabilize blood pressure, they treat diseases of the stomach, kidneys. To relieve pain in the muscles and joints apply compresses from this plant.

For the treatment of flowers and leaves harvested with the beginning of flowering, which falls in June and lasts until September. The roots are digging when the cabbage fades - from September to October. Roots before drying should be washed and cut into small pieces. Dry all the components of the plant in the shade; Place for drying should be well ventilated.

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