The best automatic irrigation systems

Automatic watering system can significantly reduce the time to maintain the soil in the optimal state necessary for the growth of trees and plants. The use of such technologies is no longer considered a luxury, and the availability and wide range of the most modern auto-watering complexes allows consciously make a choice and minimize the cost of acquisition.


Potatoes by the method of natural farming

The methods of traditional agricultural technicians are still strong, but gradually the attitude towards the soil becomes more sparing. There comes the realization that the earth is not just a place of plant roots, but also a microcosm of life rich in forms of life. To get a decent harvest, we must respect its inhabitants and help them, then they will become voluntary assistants.


Fighting the Colorado Beetle

Colorado beetleColorado beetle knows every gardener. This striped tiger is very voracious and hardy, multiplies rapidly and constantly expands its habitat. The Colorado potato beetle loves plants from the family of nightshade plants (potatoes, tomatoes, and especially eggplant). It hibernates this pest in the soil, laying eggs on the inside of the leaf. If you do not fight it, then you can not get a crop of tomato and eggplant potatoes.


Growing potatoes from seeds

Potatoes from seedsPlanting potatoes with tubers is a habitual way for all of us to grow this crop, but there is another way in which potatoes are grown from seeds. Many of the truck farmers who grow potatoes know that if one variety is used in one area, the yield of the crop falls - one has to either buy new varieties or change.


Care of potatoes

Care of potatoesGetting large potato results is in many respects envious of careful and timely care of potatoes.

To have emerged potato shoots, it is necessary to exert efforts and fight the weeds. If this is not done, then they can take root and blossom. Annual weeds are the majority of weed plants. They start large sprouts even before throwing the rosette on the surface.

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