Fighting the Colorado Beetle

Colorado beetleColorado beetle knows every gardener. This striped tiger is very voracious and hardy, multiplies rapidly and constantly expands its habitat. The Colorado potato beetle loves plants from the family of nightshade plants (potatoes, tomatoes, and especially eggplant). It hibernates this pest in the soil, laying eggs on the inside of the leaf. If you do not fight it, then you can not get a crop of tomato and eggplant potatoes.

And now we will consider the basic methods of combating the Colorado beetle.

In the modern world, insecticides made on the basis of various chemical compounds are used to combat the striped predator, therefore, in order to obtain environmentally friendly potatoes, in the presence of small areas of potatoes, Colorado beetles can simply be collected. The collected pests are destroyed in kerosene or a solution of table salt.

There is another method to deal with the Colorado potato beetle and protect the potato, and ordinary wood ash will help. Before посадкой картофеля Each well should be scraped with ashes, and after the formation of the bushes they should be sprinkled with a special solution: in a bucket of warm water, dissolve 40 grams of household or liquid soap, then add 2 liters of sifted ash. A liter of the resulting solution is diluted in a bucket of water and sprayed.

A good result is the spraying of potatoes or tomatoes with infusion of onion husks, scared garlic is planted in intercrops of nightshade crops to scare off the pest.

При значительных площадях посадок картофеля рекомендовано использовать ядохимикаты или инсектициды. Самые популярные химические средства борьбы с колорадским жуком на картофеле: «Банкол», «Актара», «Конфидор», «Регент», «Моспилан», «Корадо» и другие, из протравителей рекомендуется использовать «Престиж». Количество активного вещества для опрыскивания культур указано в инструкции. Кстати, значительно упрощает такую процедуру применение Electric sprayer.

The treatment of planting potatoes from the Colorado beetle should be carried out in a calm, dry weather in the morning or evening, when the air temperature is minimal. To keep the solution on the surface of the leaves of the cultures, surfactants are added to the mixture. During work, you need to use personal protective equipment, smoking is prohibited. After work, you need to take off your clothes and take a shower.

When calculating the amount of working solution proceed from the following norms - 1 liter of solution per 10-12 m? Planting crops. The pest can acquire immunity to certain drugs, therefore, experts recommend spraying with various insecticides.

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