Black potato leg

Black potato leg tagsIn this article, we will talk about such a disease of potatoes as a black leg, as well as methods to combat it.

Bacterial nature underlies this disease. The development of the black leg begins with the roots. Gradually, its transition to the lower part of the stalk of potatoes takes place. Withering of the leaves of young plants, yellowed and twisted leaves are characteristic signs of this disease. Plants that were affected by this disease are easily pulled out of the soil. Having pulled out the sick plant, you can see that it has black stems, rotten. Infection of potatoes with this disease usually occurs in the fall, when harvesting, when the tubers come into contact with the infected tops.

To avoid this disease, it is necessary before planting to treat the tubers with disinfectants. Also, the crop rotation should be observed. The best predecessors should be considered wheat, perennial grasses, as well as leguminous, vetch-oat mixture, beets. Among the bad predecessors include cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, as well as onions.

Fighting the black stalk of potatoes

If you have noticed the onset of the disease, it is necessary to remove diseased plants from the site. The place on which they grew, should be powdered with wood ash with copper sulfate. To prepare the mixture, take 1 art. A spoonful of copper sulfate and 1 l. A jar of ashes.

Watering with the solution of the "EFFECTON" preparation, carried out before the first hilling, also gives good results. To prepare the solution, it is necessary to dilute 10 st. In 3 liters of water. Spoons of this drug. One plant needs to consume 0,5 l solution. Use only warm solution. Its temperature should be 25 degrees.

Sick plants after the harvest are burned. The excavated tubers must be carefully dried before storing in the vault. Black potato leg is most often spread on cold, moist soils, when low temperatures predominate and rains are constantly on.

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