Potato storage

Keeping of potatoesFungal infections are the main culprits of potato damage during its storage. If we talk about the most common, then immediately it is worth mentioning late blight and alternaria. The first prevails in a temperate climate. As for the second, it prevails in the southern regions. In some years, potatoes can be damaged due to fusarium, verticillium, rhizoctonia wilting, anthracnose, phomosis and other lesions.

Therefore, the importance of plant protection is so important right before harvesting. The first step is to prepare potatoes for storage. Cleaning of potatoes should be carried out in warm and dry weather. This will minimize the risk of infection. Harvested potatoes must be cleaned of dirt, dried, then carefully sorted and sorted by size.

It is necessary to wait for the wounds on the tubers to heal, the peel is strengthened. To do this, you must stand the potatoes at a temperature of not less than 15 degrees a couple of weeks. Scarring will occur slowly in high humidity conditions. At a low temperature, the tubers will sweat. After the treatment period, the tubers are gradually cooled. The temperature in the storage is brought to 4-7 degrees, while the humidity in the storage should not exceed 90%.

Potato storage temperature

The storage should be well ventilated. It should be dark if potatoes are stored in it for a long time. As for the air temperature, should it be about 5? C. If the temperature is below 3 degrees, then the taste and quality characteristics of the potato do not change for the better - it becomes sweet to the taste.

To store potatoes, you can use a box in the refrigerator with high humidity. But before using for a few days, you need to put the potatoes in a warm place. If the optimal conditions are provided in the repository, the potatoes can be stored for 6-9 months. At home, potatoes can be stored for only a few weeks.

Seed potatoes are stored at a lower temperature - 2-4 ?.

Tips: If you store vegetables together with the root of ginger, then both vegetables will last a long time. If you put a half of the apple next to it, it will prevent the germination of the potatoes, as it will absorb excess moisture. If you started to notice that there are sprouts or green spots on the potatoes, you just need to cut these areas when cleaning. Never eat shriveled potatoes, crushed or sprouted. The presence of green peels on the tubers is the result of exposure to light. These areas contain toxic solanine alkaloids. Therefore, one should not use such potatoes.

Following the above tips, your potatoes will be stored for a long time, eat it until it starts to deteriorate and you will not have problems. Proper storage of potatoes will save you from frequent trips to the store for this vegetable.

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