Phytophthora of potatoes

Phytophthora on potato tubersThe causative agent of potato phytophthora is the fungus. This disease of this culture in certain years can lead to loss to 10 - 15% of the crop.

Seed tubers are the main way through which this pathogen is entered. The disease is caused by tubers that were slightly affected last year.

Wintering mushroom can also in the soil, in the tubers, which remained uncleared. He can also winter in heaps of garbage near the field.

Infection of tubers can occur during harvesting. At this time the tubers are wet and come into contact with the tops that are already affected by the disease.

The tubers that hit the potato phytophthora are not strong and are kept poorly. The spread of the fungus in the affected tuber takes place fairly quickly. In its pulp, brown wilts are formed. This is clearly seen in the cut. When the temperature of storage of tubers is 1-2 ° C, the mycelial of the fungus, as a rule, does not develop. For this reason, the storage of potatoes can continue for a long time, with no noticeable increase in rot. If the temperature of storage of tubers exceeds 8 ° C, then their decay occurs usually within one month.

Methods of combating potato phytophthora

Choose a predecessor, which is not susceptible to phytophthora.

The introduction of a sufficient amount of fertilizers (phosphorus and potassium).

Creating better lighting conditions for potatoes.

Plants must be provided with timely care.

Желательно проводить посадку тех сортов картофеля, которые отличаются устойчивостью к болезням.

Increase the resistance of potatoes to phytophthora can, if sprayed seed tubers 0,02% solution of copper sulfate. Shoots also need to be sprayed with the same solution.

The use of the Bordeaux liquid helps fight the phytophthora of potatoes. The first must be done before its manifestation. Follow-ups should be conducted in 8-10 days after the first and second.

Harvesting of potatoes should be carried out only after all the tops are mown on the field. Mowing is done a week before harvesting the tubers. After cleaning, drying and sorting of tubers must be carried out.

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